Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doing the Charleston

Lovely readers,

I am heading to Charleston this weekend! My girlfriends, Meredith & Mary, are running in the Bridge Run on Saturday morning, which prompted the trip. I will be staying with my BFF from college, Lara, and the girls will be staying right near Marion Square. Since Mary & I went to College of Charleston, we will be reliving our glory years this weekend.

Mary & Meredith will be running over this in a matter of days!
Friday, we have reservations at Coast, which is an awesome seafood restaurant right near the College. M & M will probably head to bed after dinner, so Lara & I will hit the town! She and I always get into a little bit of trouble when we are together.

Riff & Raff in action on Folly Beach

 After the girls finish up the run, we hope to have a nice long brunch and then hit up King Street for a little retail therapy
 Maybe we'll even head to Sullivan's for some Vitamin D


Saturday evening, we have late reservations at Husk, so we'll head over to Market Pavilion for drinks on the rooftop beforehand.

 Husk has been calling my name since it opened in 2010. The James Beard Award-winning chef, Sean Brock, utilizes as many local ingredients as possible. The menu changes every day, y'all! Can you believe that? Being the group of foodies that we are, we're PUMPED to have the opportunity to eat there.


 And after our fabulous dinner, we will definitely hit up some of our local College haunts. I promise to take lots of food pictures!

Is anyone else heading to Charleston this weekend for the Bridge Run? Have any suggestions for new places that  have opened up in the past 3 years?

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Weekend, according to my iPhone

This weekend started off with some "just because" flowers from the fiance. That certainly started off the weekend on the right foot. 

 We met up with some friends at the new Hickory Tavern at the Met to watch some basketball before our 9:40 PM showing of the Hunger Games. We stopped by Dean & Deluca beforehand and picked up 2 bottles of wine to bring in (we're rebels) and a few TINY espressos (as K demonstrates below) to supplement us while we waited in line to get our seats. The movie was really good! The casting was 99% spot on, but I wish Peeta had been someone else. Anyone else feel that?

 Saturday morning came, and so did our new Tervis Tumbler waterbottles! Mine is the monogrammed one on the left, and C's is the UVA one. I have been using it all weekend and even brought it to work. Love how it's so insulated!


 Saturday also brought lots of yard work, which we secretly love to do. We re-mulched our front beds (finally, after having the mulch live in our driveway for months! Whoops!)....

Hello gorgeous tulips that I planted back in October!
...headed to Compost Central, right by the airport, for a truck load of compost (only $24.61 to fill the truck bed!)...

...Then we stopped by Price's Chicken Coop on the way home to fuel up

5 hours later (and after we scattered a ton of compost), we went to eat at Lupie's with a friend. It was our first time there. I had the Texas Chili Mac and C had the nachos. Can you tell we had a fat free weekend?


After dinner, we met some friends at Jackalope Jack's. I beat the boys in Skee Ball! Holla! We then sat and watched/participated in karaoke. It was so fun!


Because I didn't go wild on Saturday night, I felt up for more yard work on Sunday. I hadn't planted the herb seeds I ordered so I was happy to get my hands dirty on another gorgeous day in NC! I also planted a 3-in-1 citrus tree and some pre-sprouted basil & dill. The herbs I ordered were a variety pack: Basil, Marjoram, Balm, Horehound, Leeks, Chives, Peppermint, Lavender...the list goes on!

From L-R: Dill, Dill, Mint, Basil, Basil, Oregano, Parsley

How was y'alls weekend? I also caught up on a lot of TV, because our cable was chewed through last week by some pup that will remain nameless. I finished Season 1 of Homeland and watched the premiere of Mad Men. So good! I'm glad the show is back! And who thought “Zou Bisou, Bisou” was the opposite of anything Don would ever, ever want at a birthday party? Maybe next time, Mrs. Draper!

Sorry for the picture-heavy post, I somehow took a bunch!

'til next time,

Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Friday

Today, I'm going to go the easy way out and post some fun DIY projects to inspire you for the weekend.
  • Speaking of color blocking in a major way, check out these dip-dyed easter eggs that Courtney at Merriment Events did for Oh Joy!
  • Laura from Beauty & The Beard posted a cute Neon Necklace tutorial using any old gaudy rhinestone jewelry. I can picture doing this for bracelets, headbands, and earrings. Fab!

  • Enough with the Neon's something I planned to do last weekend but C ended up buying some at Costco. I will definitely do this at our next house! Build your own Garden Box!
  • Here is an awesome project that will have a huge visual impact at your next chic soiree: Mason jar candle chandelier! Using wire hangers, twine, and a big 'ole wagon wheel (or any sturdy metal thingy)
  •  Last but not least, make your own chalkboard paint! I am definitely going to try this for our wedding decor...stay tuned for how I use it!

That's all the inspiration for now. Let me know if any of these projects inspire you or if you actually end up taking them on!

Happy crafting,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My lovely sister got married to her BFF in September at my parent's house. We jokingly called it the mullet wedding because the ceremony was in the front yard and the reception was in the back yard. (Well, maybe I joked with myself about it...)

It was such a perfect wedding for them: intimate, outdoors, photobooth & amazing photography via Sarah Cramer, Blue Mountain Beer, and awesome southern food from Chef Ted. The weather was touch and go for a while: it was cold and drizzly most of the day before and the morning of. But when Sarah Cramer arrived the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was amazing, but from reading a billion wedding blogs, those things tend to happen! We had such an amazing night, and we were all so happy that our family came from Massachusetts to LA. It was great to come together and celebrate 2 of my favorite people!

Here are some pictures to showcase how awkward I am, and how beautiful my family + friends are.

Exhibit A: My fam

Photo by Sarah Cramer

 Seriously, isn't my sister THE most gorgeous bride? She had that smile on her face the entire day.
Photo by Sarah Cramer
 D & B. Really really ridiculously good looking.
Photo by Sarah Cramer
Photo by Sarah Cramer
 My best friends from high school. If they don't boogie like this at my wedding I'm not sure what I would do with myself.
Photo by Sarah Cramer
We danced to everything from Gaga to the Bee Gees. Yes, that is me teaching Mom & Dad how to be a Little Monster.

Photo by Sarah Cramer

Sparkly AND fierce!

Photo by Sarah Cramer

I hope that our wedding is half as fun as theirs. We will have some similarities, so I hope she doesn't get upset if I copy a bit?!? I mean, they always say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Much more wedding-related posts to come,


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Introduction...

C & I on our most recent trip to the Dominican Republic

I wanted to give you a little info on how C & I got to Charlotte today. We have been together for almost 7 years (wow!) and have been engaged since December. C works in a big law firm in Uptown, and I work at a local University in the Special Needs office. We have a Boston Terrier named Bowser who I am kind of obsessed with. He is hilarious and snores all the time so I will most likely use this blog to shamelessly show you videos and pictures of him. At least, that's what my mom thinks I should do.

See? Isn't that cute? It's totes normal for him to fall asleep anywhere in positions like that.

Anyways, back to ME. I went to the College of Charleston (Go Cougars) and C went to UVa (Go Hoos) for both undergrad and law school. We met through my cousin the summer after I graduated High School, when we were both living in Charlottesville for the summer. We did the long distance thing all 4 years of school and graduated at the same time (well, he graduated law school when I graduated college).
C & I, the summer of 2007

His job in Charlotte wasn't to start until January 2010 so we bummed around Charlottesville from May to December. We lived with one of our best friends in a sort of Three's Company kind of situation, although I was the odd one out being the only girl.

The 3 amigos at Halloween, 2009

We moved to Charlotte on a snowy New Year's Eve-Eve in 2009 into our first apartment in First Ward, near the "cut" as our friend likes to call it. My car got broken into within the first week of being in our new city, and when we decided to start the process of looking to buy a house in the Fall, our apartment got broken into. Needless to say, we needed to move. ASAP. We now live in a great neighborhood within 10 minutes of Uptown. It literally takes us 15 minutes to drive door to door to work. And we're in such a safe 'hood. I love it. I'm fully intending to do a house tour, room by room, but here's a little picture of our humble abode:

Kinda decorated for our Halloween party
That's all for now, folks! Enjoy your Tuesday!



Hi there!

This is not my very first blog post, as I have tried (and failed) to blog over the past few years. I finally decided to bite the bullet again and create this blog so my friends & family can check up on me and see how things are going in the Queen City.

This blog will hopefully be one part recipe inspiration, one part outfit of the day, one part wedding inspiration & planning, and 2 parts snark. I read a ton of blogs through Google Reader and really admire those who keep to it every day, some who even blog multiple times a day. I have a few good friends, Virginia Belle & Lara, that I follow religiously so I can keep up with their lives in DC & Charleston.

I always appreciate feedback and suggestions, so if there is anything you like or dislike about the blog, let me know!

Keepin' it real,