Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Friday

Today, I'm going to go the easy way out and post some fun DIY projects to inspire you for the weekend.
  • Speaking of color blocking in a major way, check out these dip-dyed easter eggs that Courtney at Merriment Events did for Oh Joy!
  • Laura from Beauty & The Beard posted a cute Neon Necklace tutorial using any old gaudy rhinestone jewelry. I can picture doing this for bracelets, headbands, and earrings. Fab!

  • Enough with the Neon's something I planned to do last weekend but C ended up buying some at Costco. I will definitely do this at our next house! Build your own Garden Box!
  • Here is an awesome project that will have a huge visual impact at your next chic soiree: Mason jar candle chandelier! Using wire hangers, twine, and a big 'ole wagon wheel (or any sturdy metal thingy)
  •  Last but not least, make your own chalkboard paint! I am definitely going to try this for our wedding decor...stay tuned for how I use it!

That's all the inspiration for now. Let me know if any of these projects inspire you or if you actually end up taking them on!

Happy crafting,


Leslie said...

A new follower here! Your blog is full of good ideas. :) I love the mason jar chandelier; that's absolutely lovely.

Virginia Belle said...

Love the shoes idea! Next time I see some nude pumps on sale I'm doing this. Thanks for sharing :)

Rachel said...

Love that mason jar chandelier idea! So cute!

I found your blog through VA Belle...I'm from VA but also living in Charlotte these days :)

La Cuoca said...

Thanks Rachel! We should definitely meet up sometime!