Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A few weekends ago, we went to ATL for the night. Our dear friends are moving there soon, and they went to check apartments, and we ended up meeting them to celebrate Cam's birthday! We had so much fun with them and their friends Mimi & Jeff who just moved to Atlanta from New Orleans.

Connor & I got up early Saturday (we left at 7 I think?!) and hit the road, not knowing how traffic was going to be. Luckily for us, we got in at 11:30 with little to no trouble. It was my first time to Atlanta so I was ready to hit the ground running. Our first stop was LUNCH. We stayed in Virginia Highlands at the Highland Inn, so we were super close to a LOT of options. We hit up The Vortex for lunch. It was an experience to say the least! Since there were inappropriate pics up on the walls as decor, it was an 18+ restaurant. We got there at the perfect time, as we didn't have to wait long at all!

 Kristina & Mimi
   Part of the menu. The heart stoppers (which no one had the guts to try) are burgers with grilled cheese sammys as buns. Adam Richman himself came here recently and tried one!
  Connor had the Elvis burger, complete with peanut butter, bananas, and bacon. It was RICH
  I had the southern style "9-inch weenie". It was fantastic.
 After lunch, we drove around to look at rental properties for everyone. Mimi & Jeff ended up renting one of the places we looked at and just moved in!

We then went back to the hotel to rest and let the dogs out. Here are the love birds and my main squeeze. Man, my friends sure look cool in their stunner shades.
 Our digs for the night.
 We ended up heading near Midtown to drive around and grab a drink. What a gorgeous city!
 We stopped at the first place that had outdoor seating: Joe's on Juniper. It was actually a gay-friendly bar that had a HILARIOUS menu to browse. I mean, Sausage Fest? And everything had a very tongue-in-cheek saying next to it. We had a great waitress who kept us refreshed!

As it is a tradition amongst my friends, I wanted to share it with Cam: a Birthday Blowjob shot! He was such a good sport about it.

After a nice long afternoon at Joe's, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a big night on the town. Our hotel was located right next door to an awesome tapas place where we started our evening. I had a mojito I think?
 We then meandered over to The Family Dog, which is a really cool bar that had great live music. We met up with Connor's BFF from growing up and her boyfriend, who were visiting from Birmingham. Sorry I didn't get a picture with y'all!
 After a great night out, Connor & I woke up and headed to a great breakfast recommendation, the Highland Bakery. We didn't have to wait long at all, and had excellent meals. I would HIGHLY recommend it!
He got some sort of tex-mex poached egg mess of a thing. Yum.
I had an open-faced BLT with fried eggs over sourdough. Amazing.
 We then packed up the car, said bye to our friends and made one last (required) stop at the Dekalb Farmer's Market.  My BFF Lara went there last time she was in ATL and I was so jealous at everything she got for a fraction of what you would find at a regular store. Y'all, if you're a foodie like I am, you will think you've died and gone to culinary heaven! They have every.single.type of fruit and vegetable, a bazillion spices, loose teas, rices, grains, oils, vinegars, pastas, breads, meat, seafood, and cheeses. Seriously, it was an amazing experience. They don't allow cameras at all (period.endofstory), otherwise I would have filled my walls with the glorious rows upon rows of imported goods! We were only there for about 30 minutes but I managed to snag quite a bit of stuff. I brought back a Thank You of Isreali Couscous for Meredith 'cause she watched Bowser for the night, and some green cardamom for a friend who can't find it in Charlotte, but everything on the table is being treasured and uses as much as possible! We scored a rack of lamb (since it was Easter Sunday), unfiltered EVOO, spices, red wine & balsamic vinegar, jasmine rice, 4 types of tea, etc.
 We had an amazing time! Since Cam & Kristina are moving to HOTlanta soon, we cannot wait to visit them and explore that gorgeously southern city with them.

Oops! How did this adorable picture get in here? We missed Bowser a lot, and this was his SNUGGLEWITHMEEEEEE face upon returning home. Napoleon says sorry for photo-bombing.

 That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed reading about our busy 24 hours in Atlanta. We had a blast! Leave me some suggestions for the next time we visit!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


OK, small rant. What in the WORLD is going on in the "fashion" industry at the moment? I was checking my e-mail this morning, and usually love reading Who What Wear. However, this image was the first thing I saw and got a little upset. How are bedazzled jorts cool? And I saw studded jean jackets and pants. WHAT?? Am I crazy to not want to buy into this new "trend"? 

I understand why neons are hot, and can tolerate floral jeans on other people. But it looks like the 90's are coming back with a vengeance! What are your thoughts?? Any crazy trends you can't get behind?


Monday, April 23, 2012

Charleston Day 3

Sunday morning we got up fairly early since we went to sleep so early. The girls needed to stretch their sore muscles so they went on a run. I took the opportunity to walk around College of Charleston's campus to try and get some better pictures. It is seriously one of the most unique and beautiful campuses I have ever seen. I love & miss my school!
 FINALLY got a good pic of Randolph Hall. Did you know: Built in 1828–29, Randolph Hall is one of the oldest college buildings still in use in the U.S. And that is where we have graduation! We walked down the steps to a stage over the Cistern in our white dresses with the boys in their tuxes. Memories...
We then met up at Kudu for coffee before we had brunch at Virginia's on King. Kudu's the BEST!

I have had brunch here countless times, and always have a great meal!
Since I was on a fat-free weekend, I had the Fried Green Tomato BLT with SPF's & slaw. Calories don't count on girls weekend, right?
Mary had the yummy looking Shrimp Po' Boy with MAC & CHEESE. Yummmmm!
And Meredith had a simple eggs, potatoes and fruit plate.

After brunch we walked around and digested, then packed up the car and headed back to Charlotte! We hit more traffic on the way back than the way in! Things got a little silly from our deliriousness. We also scored some sweeeeeet nabs!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about Charleston! If you haven't been, I HIGHLY recommend going there. If you need more restaurant suggestions, let me know!

Thanks for being patient as I catch up!


Husk on Day 2

So you may remember that the 3 of us got a drink at Market Pavilion before heading to Husk. Well, we walked to Husk and checked in, knowing that we were a little early. They encouraged us to head over to their bar (Bar at Husk) while we waited. We're so glad we did! We told the bartenders we liked citrus and they came up with an amazing tequila grapefruit cocktail that was hand-squeezed and so refreshing. I would highly recommend checking out the Bar!


Husk is an old 2-story house on Queen Street right next to Poogan's Porch. They have really done a fabulous job preserving the history of the building and keeping it charmingly southern.

As you walk in to the restaurant, they have a board that they update daily with where each ingredient comes from.

 The girls before dinner

 Even the rolls were heavenly. Little pillows of buttery goodness!

It was hard narrowing down our options. We really wanted to try one of everything!  
 I had the Tennesee Cheddar Pimento with pickled ramps & shaved country ham with homemade Benne wafers (CHOMP)

Mary had the Wood-Fired Clams

Meredith had the arugula salad with beets

Our dinner choices:

Lara ended up meeting us after a loooong work day, and she had the creamed kale I believe?

  Mary had the Texas Wagyu Sirloin
Meredith had the Virginia Striped Bass
I had the country fried Lamb

Needless to say, every single bite of the dishes were DIVINE. The seasoning, texture, and balance were spot on for each portion of the dishes.

Even the bathrooms were perfect! The soft creams, tans, and grays were gorgeous!

A little over-dressed, but it was girl's night!

What a treat it was to enjoy a fabulous meal with some of my best girlfriends. We really had so much fun! After dinner, we were wayyy too full to go out, so we (lamely) made our way back to the hotel and crashed.

More on our last day later!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Charleston Day 2

 Our second day in Charleston, Saturday, was filled with lots of yummy food and shopping! The morning started off nicely. I stayed at Lara's cute apartment the night before so we had a nice morning catching up. She made me a juice and we had some yummy Italian coffee. I tell you what, that girl knows how to spoil her guests!
We happened to run into the girls in the hotel, so we all got ready for the day and headed to the Grocery for brunch!

 The Grocery is a fairly new restaurant that utilizes local ingredients. Loved every bite! It also didn't hurt to have Lara's sweetie working in the kitchen!

This was his specialty of the day, an asparagus and mushroom frittata that Lara ordered. Even though I ABHOR mushrooms, the flavor was divine.

 I ordered the Oyster Po' Boy. Seriously delish. It didn't pair perfectly with my mimosa, but who cares? Both hit the spot!

Mary ordered the Pocono Plate, complete with Scrapple topped with apple butter and fried pig's ear. The ear was....interesting. I'll always try something once!

Mere had the Farro & spinach salad. She ordered a gorgeous looking poached egg on top. Yum!

And since we had connections, we were sent out a deconstructed s'more. Chocolate cake, caramel sauce, torched marshmallow, and creme anglaise. DIVINE!

After Brunch, M&M went back to the hotel to get ready, so Lara & I toodled around a bit more. We popped in Kudu to get an iced coffee to help digest our meal.

Lara had to leave us in the afternoon to head to work, so the 3 of us shopped around for a while. We hit up our favorite boutiques and walked down King almost to Broad! We worked up quite an appetite, and, with the weather looking threatening, popped into one of my FAVE haunts from college, Yo Burrito. Guac, salsa bar, and margaritas put me in my happy place!

Mason jar margs. They are huge!

After a nice long break, we shopped even more, and then headed back to the hotel to have a rest and get ready for our 9:45 reservations at Husk. When we were ready, we headed to Market Pavilion's rooftop bar for one expensive drink before dinner. I had the raspberry mojito!

We snagged a table after waiting forever! Great views, as always!

I will save the Husk recap for its own post. Seriously, it was an amaaaaaazing experience and I have pictures to prove it! Stay tuned for Husk, and then Day 3!