Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charleston day 1

I'm back! After a successful auction (more on that later!), I am returning to the blogging world! Sorry for being so MIA. The last thing I wanted/had time to do was update. But I have a lot of updates to share with you! First off, a recap of our Charleston adventure!

Meredith, Mary, & I drove down to Charleston the day before the race. It only took us about 4 hours! We were expecting traffic to be horrendous, but it wasn't that bad. We met my bff Lara at Coast, which is a pretty good seafood place right next to our hotel (The Hampton Inn). I had a few really yummy mojitos (Cucumber lime I think?), while the racers stuck to water.

I pretended like I was racing the next day by indulging in Crabcakes & hushpuppies. YUM! The coleslaw was gross though, very soggy!

 After dinner, Meredith & Mary went to bed, and Lara and I hit the town! First stop: The Belmont. This is a swanky prohibition-style lounge that has original recipes. Their drink list is a throw-back to way back in the day! They hand make everything here, no bottled mixes! I usually go with a vodka or tequila drink with some sort of fresh citrus. I believe this was Tequila and grapefruit?
 Lara's concoction. I think it was much more complicated than mine!

We then walked to Barsa, which is on Upper UPPER King. I think I got a Lychee Martini? Lara got a Cava. This place is pretty new I believe, and it is a traditional Spanish Tapas restaurant. The space is really nice and big, and the art is FAB (think Flamenco dancers and Matadors)


 Since we're old ladies, we ended up taking a rickshaw ride back around midnight. Sorry for the grainy picture, it is really hard to take a picture on the back of a rickshaw in the dark!

 We had a late-night snack of quinoa, avocado, tomato & pistachio lettuce wraps. YUM!

That wraps up day 1, come back for a more exciting day 2 recap soon!



Missy Ann Rinfret said...

Omg I love lettuce wraps & those look delish!

Leslie said...

The food looks amazing! What a lovely time. :)