Monday, April 23, 2012

Charleston Day 3

Sunday morning we got up fairly early since we went to sleep so early. The girls needed to stretch their sore muscles so they went on a run. I took the opportunity to walk around College of Charleston's campus to try and get some better pictures. It is seriously one of the most unique and beautiful campuses I have ever seen. I love & miss my school!
 FINALLY got a good pic of Randolph Hall. Did you know: Built in 1828–29, Randolph Hall is one of the oldest college buildings still in use in the U.S. And that is where we have graduation! We walked down the steps to a stage over the Cistern in our white dresses with the boys in their tuxes. Memories...
We then met up at Kudu for coffee before we had brunch at Virginia's on King. Kudu's the BEST!

I have had brunch here countless times, and always have a great meal!
Since I was on a fat-free weekend, I had the Fried Green Tomato BLT with SPF's & slaw. Calories don't count on girls weekend, right?
Mary had the yummy looking Shrimp Po' Boy with MAC & CHEESE. Yummmmm!
And Meredith had a simple eggs, potatoes and fruit plate.

After brunch we walked around and digested, then packed up the car and headed back to Charlotte! We hit more traffic on the way back than the way in! Things got a little silly from our deliriousness. We also scored some sweeeeeet nabs!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about Charleston! If you haven't been, I HIGHLY recommend going there. If you need more restaurant suggestions, let me know!

Thanks for being patient as I catch up!


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