Monday, April 23, 2012

Husk on Day 2

So you may remember that the 3 of us got a drink at Market Pavilion before heading to Husk. Well, we walked to Husk and checked in, knowing that we were a little early. They encouraged us to head over to their bar (Bar at Husk) while we waited. We're so glad we did! We told the bartenders we liked citrus and they came up with an amazing tequila grapefruit cocktail that was hand-squeezed and so refreshing. I would highly recommend checking out the Bar!


Husk is an old 2-story house on Queen Street right next to Poogan's Porch. They have really done a fabulous job preserving the history of the building and keeping it charmingly southern.

As you walk in to the restaurant, they have a board that they update daily with where each ingredient comes from.

 The girls before dinner

 Even the rolls were heavenly. Little pillows of buttery goodness!

It was hard narrowing down our options. We really wanted to try one of everything!  
 I had the Tennesee Cheddar Pimento with pickled ramps & shaved country ham with homemade Benne wafers (CHOMP)

Mary had the Wood-Fired Clams

Meredith had the arugula salad with beets

Our dinner choices:

Lara ended up meeting us after a loooong work day, and she had the creamed kale I believe?

  Mary had the Texas Wagyu Sirloin
Meredith had the Virginia Striped Bass
I had the country fried Lamb

Needless to say, every single bite of the dishes were DIVINE. The seasoning, texture, and balance were spot on for each portion of the dishes.

Even the bathrooms were perfect! The soft creams, tans, and grays were gorgeous!

A little over-dressed, but it was girl's night!

What a treat it was to enjoy a fabulous meal with some of my best girlfriends. We really had so much fun! After dinner, we were wayyy too full to go out, so we (lamely) made our way back to the hotel and crashed.

More on our last day later!


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Leslie said...

I love your dress! It looks like a great time, and the food looks amazing. :)