Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family weekend visit

(Somehow, I completely missed posting this! Sorry, Mom) 

Last weekend A few weeks back, my parents and aunt came down to visit us. My aunt hadn't visited since we just moved, so I was especially excited to show off what we have accomplished in a year's time! We had a fab weekend filled with yummy food, and fun activities. I'll let the pictures do the talkin'...

Our first night: a little pre-dinner snack on our porch
Followed by a scrumptious meal at The King's Kitchen
We shared the Deviled Eggs & Fried Oysters to start
And had to demand the infamous cornbread that I have dreams about
I ordered the fish & 3...collards, green beans & mac and cheese
Connor ordered his favorite fish over grits and a yummy spicy tomato sauce
Mom got a veggie plate
Dad, me, Mom, & Aunt
Connor & I
On Saturday, Mom, auntie & I went to yoga with my favorite instructor, Phyllis. We had a great class! The boys went to Sunflour and tooled around.After yoga, we all went to Zoe's Kitchen then on to the farmer's market. We were too late for the market as most stalls were empty! Lesson learned: go in the AM.

We headed back to Uptown, and went to the 7th Street Public Market instead. We got grass-fed organic steaks, local sweet potatoes, and salad fixin's. We also had a nice pick-me-up from Not Just Coffee, my favorite place in Charlotte (they do pour-overs using Counter Culture! Enough said!)

We then went back home and rested a bit before dinner. Here's Dad chillin' with Bowser. Cute!
Dinner was amazing. Those steaks tasted like butter!
Love using my inherited China!
After dinner, Mom, Auntie, Connor & I played Bezzerwizzer while Dad & Bowser hung out. I definitely did not win. I actually think I lost horribly!
They had to get up early and get back to Cville, so we didn't do a whole lot Sunday. It was such a nice trip, and a treat to see them! Can't wait until they visit next time!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend

 This weekend I'll be at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky with Meredith & her family. Her parents have a houseboat on the Lake, and were nice enough to invite me back! I went with her at the end of the summer 2 years ago (wow, has it been that long?), and had a blast!

Our days will be filled with lounging on the top deck or reading in the hammock chair...
 Water-skiing in the morning and water volleyball in the afternoon....
 Gorgeous sunset cruises...
And dance parties with the pups!

I am so excited to be there, and I hope you all have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend!

Bon Voyage

Yesterday our fabulous friends, Kristina & Cameran moved to Atlanta. They lived right around the corner from us, and we became instant Besties. Last summer is when we met, and it was such kismet! You see, they had a barbecue business with our good friend Ryan, and they had leftovers one Saturday afternoon so the three of them walked around our neighborhood inviting people over to eat their pig! Cameran knocked on our door because we have a UVA flag outside since he's an ACC fan himself (Florida State). We went over to their house that afternoon with our friends that were visiting from out of town that weekend, and then we invited them over that night, and the rest is history! Kristina and I have become so close over the past year...she has become one of my best friends! We have taken lots of random classes (yoga, pilates, ZUMBA), gone on a few trips, and had lots of yummy dinners. Cam & Connor love watching sports together, and during football season, you can always find them together at Whiskey Warehouse, Jack's, or at our house with 3 TV's set up to different games. We're going to miss them dearly, but are excited for their opportunities in Atlanta. And we now have a place to stay in ATL! We've already planned a few trips to see them, and I can't wait! Hope you enjoy a few pictures from our fun year together!

Our first time on Ryan's boat. SO fun!
 The girls after a long day on Lake Norman
 At Tommy's
You know, just some jello wrestling behind Common Market
Cam at our Halloween party as a mountain man (his regular clothes, mind you)
 At the Christmas Tree farm right before we got engaged!
So happy they were with us to take pictures and a video of the moment!  
Decorating ornaments
 Valentine's day
Ryan's birthday weekend: wine tasting at Grandfather Mountain Vineyards  
 Ryan's birthday weekend: The group at the top!
 Ryan's birthday weekend: Costumes & body shots
 Our kickball team will miss them!!
  How could you not miss this face? He gives the biggest kisses and best snuggles

We love y'all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend with future in-laws!

Connor's parents came to visit us over Mother's Day weekend. They drove part way to Salem, NC on Thursday, and finished the trip down on Friday. I met them right after I got off work, and we chatted and caught up while we waited for Connor to get home. Luckily, he got home pretty early, so we headed to a new vegetarian restaurant in our neighborhood called Fern.We didn't have reservations, but were lucky to snag a table. We had a great meal! Definitely want to go there again!

 We started off with 3 noshes: herbed feta, hummus, and zesty cucumber dip. The bread and crackers were divine, not to mention how amazing the dips were! 
Connor ordered the daily Buddha Bowl, and that day's special included Forbidden rice, chickpeas, squash, cabbage, asparagus, and a nice pesto on top. It was awesome!
 I ordered the Beet Tagliatelle, which was "House Beet Pasta Tossed with Figs & Sautée of Beet Greens, Carolina Bleu Cheese & Walnut-Red Wine Sauce". So complex!

After dinner on Friday, Connor's mother and I stayed up late talking wedding stuff. She's going to be making our centerpieces, so we went through my Pinterest  boards to help her get a feel for what I want.

The next morning, we walked to our favorite bakery called Sunflour Baking Company. I had a nice hot pot of tea and a croissant. Delish!
We brought Bowser with us, and when we went back outside, there was another Boston there! He was such a cutie!

Connor's mother & I then went to yoga together at 8th Street Studio, so I could introduce her to my favorite teacher, Phyllis. We had a great class, then came back home and the 4 of us all went to Crisp for lunch.

After lunch, she and I went to Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia. She wanted to look at the bridal fabrics, I wanted to get the makings for a DIY Birdcage Veil (more on that when I actually attempt it!), and we wanted inspiration for my dining room chairs. We were there for a bit, and got burlap, Russian netting, felt, and lots of needles, thread, and pins. I'm all set to start sewing!

When we got back, it was time for champagne! Connor bought a bottle of Dom Perignon for our Engagement, and we thought this would be the perfect occasion to open it. We always have champagne with his's the best tradition to have!
Pouring into our GORGEOUS glasses we got as an engagement gift. Thanks Aunt Susan & Catherine!!

 Lots of toasts later, we headed to Barrington's for dinner. This was our first time, and we really liked it!

We started off with fried oyster Rockefeller. Just a little taste of heaven, NBD.
 I had the "Atlantic Cod,Crispy Pork Belly,Green Garlic Soubisse,Potato Pave,Wilted Spinach & a Lobster Reduction". Amazing!
Though the food was rich, we somehow had more room for Elizabeth Creamery after. We waddled up and down Elizabeth to help us digest after. What a meal!

On Sunday morning, we woke up early and got breakfast ready. Connor & his dad had gone to the Farmer's market on Saturday and they got a melon so we had that plus his Dad's famous blueberry-walnut whole wheat pancakes. They were awesome!

Family portrait!

It was a wonderful weekend! We love visitors!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Engagement picture outfits

OK y'all, so I've come to a decision on what we're wearing tomorrow! My friend Meredith was a MAJOR help on Sunday when we met at Southpark, and I think I literally tried on every.single.dress in the mall! We went to Anthropologie, Lilly, J. Crew, Madewell, Francesca's, Belk, and Nordstrom. AND we found two dresses! The first one:
This dress just SCREAMED my name when we saw it! It was at Nordstrom's, and the brand is Taylor. The chevron, the color, the flirty skirt...everything is so perfect! It even has pockets, too! I'm pairing this with a simple gold bracelet and my Jack's.

Connor will wear his Citizen's and a blue button down with loafers.

The second outfit:

The dress is from Madewell, and I'll pair with my Lilly gold wedges, a long necklace and a skinny gold belt. The color is actually a darker navy, and is silk. It is so comfortable, and a lot nicer looking in person than this picture. Connor will wear khakis, a pink button down and a blazer. This I am picturing will be the "picnic" outfit.

Thoughts? Suggestions? People are saying that layers photograph well, but I don't really have anything that goes!