Friday, May 25, 2012

Bon Voyage

Yesterday our fabulous friends, Kristina & Cameran moved to Atlanta. They lived right around the corner from us, and we became instant Besties. Last summer is when we met, and it was such kismet! You see, they had a barbecue business with our good friend Ryan, and they had leftovers one Saturday afternoon so the three of them walked around our neighborhood inviting people over to eat their pig! Cameran knocked on our door because we have a UVA flag outside since he's an ACC fan himself (Florida State). We went over to their house that afternoon with our friends that were visiting from out of town that weekend, and then we invited them over that night, and the rest is history! Kristina and I have become so close over the past year...she has become one of my best friends! We have taken lots of random classes (yoga, pilates, ZUMBA), gone on a few trips, and had lots of yummy dinners. Cam & Connor love watching sports together, and during football season, you can always find them together at Whiskey Warehouse, Jack's, or at our house with 3 TV's set up to different games. We're going to miss them dearly, but are excited for their opportunities in Atlanta. And we now have a place to stay in ATL! We've already planned a few trips to see them, and I can't wait! Hope you enjoy a few pictures from our fun year together!

Our first time on Ryan's boat. SO fun!
 The girls after a long day on Lake Norman
 At Tommy's
You know, just some jello wrestling behind Common Market
Cam at our Halloween party as a mountain man (his regular clothes, mind you)
 At the Christmas Tree farm right before we got engaged!
So happy they were with us to take pictures and a video of the moment!  
Decorating ornaments
 Valentine's day
Ryan's birthday weekend: wine tasting at Grandfather Mountain Vineyards  
 Ryan's birthday weekend: The group at the top!
 Ryan's birthday weekend: Costumes & body shots
 Our kickball team will miss them!!
  How could you not miss this face? He gives the biggest kisses and best snuggles

We love y'all!

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