Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo weekend

 We had a ton of fun this weekend! We celebrated Kristina's birthday at Chima on Friday to start the weekend off. It was my first time at a Brazilian Steakhouse, and boy was it fun! There was a "salad bar" that had all types of grains, vegetables, meat, seafood, & cheese. I nibbled on some salad, roasted beets, and fresh mozzarella, but the star of the show was the MEAT. I am definitely a red meat loving girl, who will try any kind of animal. The beef was so tender and well seasoned (if a little salty), there wasn't really any type that we didn't love! Bacon-wrapped filet, flank steak, ribeye, sirloin, etc...everything was delicious! We also ordered some really perfect wine to go along with it, and our friend Landon was so nice to order some champagne to go along with dessert! We had so so so much fun!

After Chima, we rolled ourselves over to Dandelion for a few hours to dance off our dinner. We had a lot of fun there, and then for some reason we ended up going to the Philosopher's Stone, which is in our 'hood. We ended up getting into the "Cash Cab", where the driver asked us 3 questions for a free ride. I answered the first 2 right (Capital of Egypt {Cairo} and the Mayor of Charlotte {Anthony Foxx}) and the last one was tricky, but we somehow got it right but he didn't hear us (?) so we didn't get a free ride. It was really fun, though! I don't love P-Stone so Connor, Ryan & I ended up walking home around 1AM.

 OK so maybe I filled my plate a little more than just salad, but I only ate the salad and cheese!
Free tiramisu for the birthday girl!

Saturday, everyone came back over in the afternoon, and we all just hung out for a while. We had about 10 people over for our Cinco de Mayo party, and we made chicken & veggie tacos and batches of Margaritas. Our pups all played together, we played corn hole, and had a blast! We looked for Super Moon, but it was a little cloudy so it was not as visible.
Kristina (birthday girl!) & Connor

Landon, Jessica, Cameran, Bear, & Bowser
 Bowser chillin
Bear looked so handsome with his bandana!
BFF's.Bowser likes to bite Bear's cheeks/elbows/paws/knees/tongue/skin/etc. He plays nice!
The birthday banner I made for Kristina!
Margaritas, sombreros & hookahs* made Cinco de Mayo fun!!

*Please note that the hookah was tobacco only!

How was everyone else's weekend? Hope you celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style!


Leslie said...

What a great weekend! I can't believe that you were in a cash cab; that's so cool!

La Cuoca said...

Thanks! It was hilarious when we got in...he was flashing the lights and we were so confused!

Becky said...

I can't believe you were in the cash cab either! Haha that's awesome. Looks like you had a great weekend. That tiramisu looks amazing :)

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Virginia Belle said...

It sounds like y'all had a fantastic weekend! I still haven't tried a Brazilian steakhouse yet but I definitely want to after hearing your review. I love that picture of Bowser, he's adorable!

Andrea D said...

That tiramisu looks delicious! My birthday was this past weekend, too, and we had friends in town so we had an enormous weekend full of celebrations. And lots of yummy food :)