Friday, May 11, 2012

Engagement Pictures HELP

Hey y'all! Connor & I are getting our engagement pictures taken next week, and I still have no idea what to wear (going shopping this weekend or early next week) or what to do! I see all of these beautifully styled engagement shoots, and I want ours to be as gorgeous, but I'm not sure how!

Our location will be near my parent's house in Charlottesville from 6:00-8:00 PM. They live in a great neighborhood that has lots of old trees and big open fields. Our photographer, Jodi Miller Photography, does her best work in a rustic setting as the sun sets. My friend's engagement shoot, here, is definitely my inspiration! I'm also digging the use of food for this one, here and here, too! I'm thinking of doing the first half of the session with a causal outfit of jeans and a dressy tank with jack rogers for me, and nice jeans and a blue oxford for him. Below is the top. It's obviously not as loose on me, and I won't have a big necklace, just a gold cuff or a cocktail ring.
This first part I was hoping just to walk around holding hands or whatever, posing awkwardly, etc.

The second part, I was hoping to dress up a little more and actually do something. Connor's parents are coming to town this weekend, and they're bringing an old quilt that his grandmother made. I was hoping to set up a picnic, like this, complete with picnic basket:
 I love the basket and mason jars (since they will definitely play a part in our wedding)! So, I was thinking about making a big antipasto display, popping some Veuve Clicquot, and celebrating/eating & drinking! For outfits, I was going to wear a nice dress & heels, and put Connor in khakis, a pink/white oxford, & blazer.

What do y'all think? What other elements would you recommend adding? I'm semi-crafty, so I can probably make burlap bunting flags like this:


So, please let me know what you love/loathe about engagements pictures! I wanted it to be kinda informal & natural, and Jodi + Kurt are amazing at that! I can't wait to get them done!


Leslie said...

It sounds great! You are going to love having engagement pictures. The husband and I aren't really picture people, and it was nice to actually have some good pictures of us! Also, I love Charlottesville and miss it so! What a great backdrop. :)

La Cuoca said...

Thanks, Leslie! I'm really excited :)

Shannon Vaughn said...

Did you decide on a final outfit?? I was told that layers photograph well. You will have such fun taking these photos! I absolutely loved doing it and was so afraid that it would be terribly awkward. Enjoy!!