Friday, June 15, 2012

BLT Steak dinner

Last night was such a treat! We were invited to a closing dinner at BLT Steak in Uptown for Connor's work. The evening started off at Alive After 5 where we had a few beers and listened to the DJ forever. The band, Girlz Girlz Girlz, did not start until like 7:30! We had reservations at 8 so we didn't really get a chance to enjoy the live music.

We then all headed down to BLT Steak. It is such a beautiful restaurant, right off the Ritz. If you live in Charlotte, make it a point to go there! We had excellent service, and every single piece of food was incredible. We definitely ate and drank like royalty.

Please excuse the horrendous iPhone pictures. I didn't want to use flash!

Check out my friend Classic Annie's post for WAY better pictures!

The very first thing that came out of the kitchen was a nice pate. They served this with crusty bread. The pate was infused with port, and was DIVINE!
The second was their famous popovers. These are all crusty and very light and fluffy on the inside. So yummy!

  Then there was an assortment of fresh seafood. I had an oyster and a clam with mignonette sauce. Yum!
 The tiniest bottle of Tabasco. Ever. Oh, you can also see the tuna tartare. Out of control.
 Connor & I split the Caesar Salad. It was SO delicious. Chunks of fresh parmigiano and definitely anchovies. I love a good Caesar!
 For my entree, I ordered the 8 oz. Filet with the roquefort sauce (which turned out to be the peppercorn sauce, oh well). It was RICH! Perfectly cooked. I ate about half of it.
 Here are one of the sides for the table: the brussel sprouts. I thought they were going to be amazing, but there was some sort of reallllly sweet glaze on them that threw me off!
 Here is a tiny dish of potato gratin. This was cheesy with a nice hit of nutmeg. Yum!
 And for dessert, my friend who works in the kitchen sent out an amazing peanut butter celebration. I don't quite remember what was in it, but it was so perfectly balanced with the chocolate and the ice cream. Thanks, Nina!

 We had so much fun and are so thankful that Connor gets to work with such great, lively people.

I'm headed back to Charlottesville this weekend to celebrate Father's Day with my family. We're going to Blue Light for dinner tonight, and I'm hosting a picnic at my parent's house on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister, her husband, cousins, aunts & uncle, and grandmother, all in one place! Have a great weekend!


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Leslie said...

You dinner looks divine! Yay for a trip to Charlottesville to be with family. I'm hoping to go home too. :)