Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Tour: Guest Bedroom

I wanted to do a series of posts giving a tour of our house. We purchased in December 2010 after searching since October. We absolutely love our neighborhood, and could not imagine living anywhere else! Luckily, I saved the professional pictures that the previous owners had taken, so you can see the before & after with our decorating style (more traditional) compared to theirs (modern).

The previous owners bought the house in 2003 and made a lot of changes in the 7 years they lived there. The original house wast built in 1947 and we think it was only a 1 bedroom ! They turned the carport into the master suite, turned a bedroom into the dining room, and added 2 extra bedrooms complete with walk-in closets and full bathrooms! They also added on a large living room area, a screened in porch, and a deck. Needless to say, we spend a LOT of time on our porch and deck area. We are so thankful that the previous owners put so much work into the house to make it so comfortable and easy to entertain in!

This is the guest bedroom which is on the back part of the house, right off the living room. This room gets the most light, and it is so beautiful. They had a little boy so this was his room. We have had a lot of fun decorating this room. We love whites & grays, and the light blue on the walls really compliments the color scheme!

The floating shelves are a little awkward without that tall changing table. I guess we need to put a dresser there? And I have had a hard time letting go of my Lilly patterned style, so there are pops of it in each room. Quilt rack from my parents, bench from grandparents, College of Charleston chair from grandmother for graduation gift.
B&W Print & lamps purchased at Homegoods, gray blanket from Ikea, duvet cover from Target or Homegoods I believe. Bed we found at Habitat Restore (our favorite place to find antiques!)
Sorry it was so dark! You can see the bathroom on the left, the closet on the right
Our guest welcome basket, inspired by Virginia Belle! See her post here for her much cuter DIY basket!
The bathroom, with family silver pieces and blue & white porcelain

This weekend, I recovered a bench that I got from my grandparent's house. You're going to LOVE it! You can see in the first picture above I have laid the fabric over it for the picture. The old fabric was a stained blue corduroy. It is fabulous now, with the gray & white damask style fabric and nickel nailhead trim!

Hope you've enjoyed reading, I will hopefully have more updated soon!


Leslie said...

Wow! The homeowners before you did a lot of work. I love how you did the guest bedroom; it's amazing. Your welcome basket is super cute too. :)

Ruth said...

Wow! The previous owners did a lot. I love the guest room

Mariel said...

They really did! Thank you!