Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Home Tour: Parlor & Kitchen

Part two of our house tour! Like I said in this post, we moved in December 2010 and have been slowly acquiring furniture/decorating since. I saved the professional pictures they had on Zillow so you can see how different we have made it!

Hope you enjoy, I have had a lot of fun in these 2 rooms especially. The parlor is right when you walk inside, and it is definitely a little more funky than every other room in the house. It has lots of mismatched furniture and decorations, but I love every single piece.

Before: (HOW did they keep everything so clean? This was how it looked every single time we visited!)
After! Pink child's Victorian couch, side table, lamp, and FAB low Victorian chair from Granny's, White couch from parent's parlor (I want to recover both couches at some point), zebra chairs & pillows custom covered as a gift from one of my fabulous aunts (thanks!), coffee table from sister's friend, print, frames (with my pictures), & mirror from Ikea, globe thrifted in Charleston ages ago.
UVa Captain's chair a gift to Connor from Granny. I guess I need to move it since it looks cramped from this picture.
Sorry for the horrible lighting!
Awesome antique card table found at the Covesville Antique Store, right off 29S. Cork board made by Connor's dad. Chalkboard sign made by ME! Guestbook is an old gift from one of my BFF's, Era.
This is when you turn left when you walk in. We have a breakfast nook that we don't really use except to keep Bowser's kennel in.

Seriously, they kept everything spotless! No clutter!

   "Lived in"

I am a bad person and did not show any pictures of the gorgeous pieces Connor's dad made for our house. I will do a separate post on that soon! He built the bar-height table on the LEFT and the base of the table cookbook holder on the RIGHT (using an awesome piece of wood my Nana used to have on short legs)
I removed one set of cabinet doors to create the "open shelving" look that I love. Connor wasn't thrilled by it at first but he has warmed up to it now (right? please?). The doors banged on our hanging pots so it is much more convenient. I can't wait until after our wedding to fill it with all of our new stuff and get rid of our ancient plates!

Speaking of open shelving, did anyone watch True Blood this week? Did you notice that Alcide and "Sookeh" had a convo about her being inspired by Southern Living for the same look? Amazing.
Oh! What are those? The "successful" chalkboard-painted jars! Please excuse my handwriting. Apparently when you write with chalk your handwriting regresses 15 years. via

So I hope you've enjoyed part 2 of our home tour. We've definitely come a looooong way from when we moved in a year and a half (!) ago. I have stopped going to Home Goods every week, which is an improvement.

Thanks for stopping by!


Leslie said...

Those chalkpaint containers are so cute in your kitchen! I love what you've done in both the spaces; it seems homey and welcoming. :)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Too cute. You've acquired some really beautiful antiques!

Ruth said...

I love it.

Mariel said...

Thanks for the kind words, y'all!