Friday, June 1, 2012

May Photo a Day!

Another month is over! How insane! Here's a peek at my month via Instagram. Follow me @mariel09!

{Day 1} Peace: what I feel when I cook
{Day 2} Skyline: Charlotte from #plazamidwood
 {Day 4} Fun: birthday dinner at Chima
{Day 5} Bird: enjoying some Civil Wars while cleaning up from #cincodemayo

 {Day 6 & 7} You & someone that inspires you: Mom and I in Savannah in 2009
{Day 8} A smell I adore: Marc Jacobs perfume...all of them  
{Day 9} Something I do everyday: snuggle with Bowser
{Day 10} Favorite word: confirmation of our rehearsal dinner spot!

{Day 11} Kitchen: giving mine a break at new vegetarian restaurant, Fern. Yum! 
{Day 12} Something that makes me happy: 2000 vintage Dom Perignon to celebrate life with Connor's parents
{Day 14} Grass: pup in a sea of clovers
{Day 15} Love: my daily juices!
{Day 16} something I'm reading: roadtrip essential
{Day 18} something I made: chalkboard sign for engagement pictures tonight 
{Day 19} a place I love: friends getting married in a perfect place

{Day 22} Pink: new hydrangea blossoms!
 {Day 23} Technology: no #technology needed today...staff retreat!
 {Day 24} New: my BFF needs a #new phone! Maybe circa 2010's, not 1990's!
{Day 29} a number: 361 days until our wedding! Crazy!
{Day 30} my personality: I dress my dog up in bowties. Crazy? courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography

{Day 31} something beautiful: chair 1/8 done in new fabric! Obsessed!

 Play along with me in June!

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