Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Weekend: Lake Cumberland

Well, I've been back for a week and a half from Lake Cumberland, and I miss it already! We always have so much fun on Meredith's parent's houseboat. It was so nice to catch up with her parents, her brother, and his girlfriend.

Mere and I drove up on Friday afternoon, and it took us 7 hours. Loooong drive. We got settled and hung out with everyone for a little bit, but went to bed well before anyone else.

Saturday we got up early and had breakfast. It was Meredith's Dad's birthday, so he opened presents. She got him AWESOME swim trunks that I want to get Connor! We then all split up and headed out on different boats. Mere went out early to ski with one couple, and Kit & Erin went with another boat, while I went out with their parents. I'm not a water-sports kinda person, so I was happy to just sit on the boat.

After a long morning of skiing, wakeboarding, and the like, we went back to the houseboat for lunch. We then got ready to go "float" with other houseboats. We took their ski boat to where other houseboats were tied up in a cove, grabbed some noodles, and floated. Floating is my favorite activity, as everyone gets to know each other, and I'm not getting majorly sunburned.

After a nice float, we headed back to the houseboat and got ready for happy hour and dinner. I helped Meredith and her mom get food ready for that night and the next day- we sure know how to eat! We had a yummy rice salad with jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, etc. Meredith made her dad pound cake that we grilled later.

Happy hour is always the best time, especially when the neighbors bring yummy snacks! The girls had margaritas, and the boys something stronger (not sure, but Dr. French sure knows how to make a stiff drink!) After a fun evening of cornhole, games and happy hour, we got dinner ready. We just did grilled veggies and shrimp (I think?). It was kind of a foggy evening. I do remember the pound cake, though! Grilling it was amazing!

After some shenanigans on another boat involving a dental "emergency", we all went to bed around 1AM. The next morning we took a little longer to get up. I was actually up and at 'em so I grabbed a cup of coffee and continued reading Sarah's Key. I was probably up for about 2 hours before we did anything so I got most of the way through it (it is sooo good!)

We then went out on the boat again to float and wakeboard. It was about 95 degrees so getting in the water felt so great!

Here is where I finally started taking pictures! Kit on the wakeboard
  We then came back for spinach salads with bacon for lunch (yum), and got things ready for another night of food! We decided we were going to ride on someone else's houseboat over to the cove. We took it over and then floated again with everyone.

Here's Erin & Meredith braiding hair.

 Mark mistakenly let Erin & I drive the boat.
 Heading over to float
After a nice afternoon in the water, we took the boat on a cruise while we had happy hour. Yummy.
 Gorgeous views
 I actually captained the boat for a few minutes! It's so big, I just had to keep it straight.
 Grill master! And check out those trunks! So fierce
 Love this.
 Our sunset cruise was stunning.
 My second family!

After we got back, we got dinner ready (grilled pork and veggies). We were so zapped from the day that we put on a movie and we all fell asleep watching!

The next morning, we all got our stuff packed. It was so quiet on the Lake, so Meredith & I went with her parents on a nice morning ride. Kit & Erin had to leave so we said bye to them before we left.

Here's Meredith slaying it.

We had an uneventful ride back, only took us 6 hours. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Lake Cumberland or stay on someone's houseboat, don't pass it up! It is so much fun!

Hope everyone has a safe & relaxing weekend. I'm headed to Texas as we speak!

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Leslie said...

I want to go be by the water now! I love your pictures. The water is gorgeous, and the food looks yummy. You can see what a great time everyone had!