Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reunited & it feels so good!

I am heading to Texas this weekend to celebrate the wedding of Carly & David. Carly, Kelly, Katie, Kacie, & I lived together in Florence, IT in the Fall of 2007 (was it really that long ago??). We literally had the most amazing experiences together, from olive picking in Fiesole to a long weekend in Sicily to Thanksgiving in Amsterdam. We all lucked out with our apartment (the second tallest apartment building in historic Florence, we were in the Penthouse Suite!) and each other.

I can't wait to see the 4 of them, finally! I saw Carly & Kacie in NYC in the fall, but haven't seen Katie or Kelly since we said CIAO 4.5 years ago. We're going to have the BEST time!

Below are some pictures highlighting our time in Firenze. If you truly want to feel like you were there with us, play the Mika song below while you're looking through the pictures. I think we listened to that song every day!
Our first dinner we cooked for Paolo
Can't wait to seeeeee youuuu xoxoxoxoxoxo
 At our fave bar, the Public House
 I think this was the night we went to hang out with Paolo & his old friends? Was there some sort of scarf involved?
Oh goodness, this was when we went all the way to some tiny Tuscan town for a food festival, only to realize it was the next day. Fail.
Viareggio! Loved it!
Pisa for the day to meet Connor
Lambrusco makes your tongues purple
  A night at the Joshua Tree Pub
 Elevator shot!
Halloween. Oh lord...I think the boys all dressed as zombies?
A night at someone's house in Firenze...Italian karaoke in the basement!
Sienna I think?
Our present to our favorite bar...a Bowie shirt!
Our school's farewell party at Space Electronic
 Our last full day together, taking random pictures with random people
The group at the Duomo A farewell toast
 Our last night
Typical! MORE ONIONS? (at the kebab shop)
Rum e Pera shots. Gross!  
Sorry Katie, this is just such a gem! Last elevator picture!
 This was our kitchen, our back balcony had the washing machine that never really worked. 
Katie & I's room...Dustbunnies!!
This is where I spent a lot of my time Skyping with Connor.
This was our view every day. Can you believe that?
Can't wait to see you again! This was in NYC at the Sunburnt Cow for drunk brunch
Goegeous. Can't wait to celebrate y'all this weekend!

xoxoxo, Domestic Goddess

Sorry for the picture heavy post, we just took so many! And most of these pictures are not mine, so thanks Katie & Kacie for letting me use them!

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Leslie said...

It looks like you all have such great memories together! It's wonderful that you'll be re-united. :)