Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend Update: Texas!

2 weekends ago I packed my bags (yet again) and flew to Dallas for a Wedding celebration. As I mentioned in this post, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my dear friends Carly & Dave. Carly's dad hosted the party on Friday at his country club, and lots of shenanigans ensued. I'll let the pictures (not mine, I didn't take any?) do the talkin'...


I worked a half day and then headed on over to CLT for a direct flight to DFW. It was about a 2.5 hour flight and I gained an hour so I had almost a whole day to spend with my girls! 

They picked Kelly & I up at the airport and then we met everyone back at the hotel for silliness and card games. Oh, and some serious snuggling.
This is almost everyone! I loved meeting the new boyfriends and the old best friends.  
We gussied up for night #1: Kacie's birthday! We call her Cap'n. Carly & Jess set up a surprise birthday dinner at Jalapeno's Whapalengo's, a yummy authentic Tex-Mex place. Margaritas were a'flowing. My kinda place!
They even got our Cap'n a cake!

So my nickname amongst these ladies is DG...Domestic Goddess. I handle things like cutting cake and cooking.
Kacie Cap'n, DG, & Kelly
The HAPPIEST couple. YAY  
Out at the smokiest honky tonk ever.
SPICE GIRLS KARAOKE. We sang Wanna Be, natch
OH this night. Amazing.

I woke up not feeling hot at ALL. I was definitely thankful for a cold pool and diet coke. Thanks for dealing with me, y'all!

We lazed around Friday until about 3, when we headed over to the country club to get ready. Carly's dad rented us a cottage right across from the event so we could walk (err....stumble) home later that night. We LOVED the cottage!

Our dresses: Carly, Me, Kacie & Katie (Kelly, where was yours?)


 Attempting to braid
 LOVE these 3! Arita & Abbas surprised Dave by flying in on separate days! Amazing! 
Our view. Spectacular!
My hotel roomie + Aritha
It was AMAZING to meet the boyfriends. Chad, OPEN YOUR EYES.
Gussied up & sunburned (just me, I guess)
Hoping to find a picture of the 5 of us dressed up!

The event space was beautiful. The cocktail hour was on one half of the upstairs, and then the other rooms opened up for dinner. Lots of speeches were made, and fabulous toasts were given. Katie & Cap'ns were the best, natch. Katie literally said "Let's stop talking and start DANCING. I've been dancing for the past 30 minutes in my head. CHEERS" This is why we get along so fabulously.

At the end of the night, after lots of boogy-ing, the Brits/Sri Lankans treated us to "Saturday Night"
Here's the real version...

Then Katie & I had a photoshoot, thanks to Chad. Roomies for lyfe.

Saturday morning, I definitely felt MUCH better than I did Friday. I was up and about with the boys in the morning...we went to the store and got the girls their favorite hangover remedies, and the 5 of us got Whataburger. It was pretty good. We also got In 'n Out that night. That's right. What? In 'n Out wins best burger by far. YUM.

We had to stop by TO's house and drop off some stuff for the party later that day. We had a photoshoot.

After breakfast and a long, lazy morning at the pool that was right next to the cottage (where we played NAME THAT LIFEGUARD: Prince Eric, King Triton{a.k.a. beefcake}, & Scuttle), we got ready for a Texas BBQ at Carly's dad's house. Lots of pictures were taken but here's just a few...

TO's incredible house
 Photobombing TO's bathroom
MORE Saturday Night! We insisted that the boys teach us so everyone got in on the action!
We then went back to the hotel to take naps and get ready for the night. We actually ended up hopping a fence into a nearby apartment complex's pool/hot tub. The Legends are rebels.

As you can see, I had an INCREDIBLE weekend catching up with old friends and making new ones! Happy 1 year anniversary Carly & Dave! Thanks for getting married so we could have a reunion! And see you at our wedding next year!


PS. Thanks to Kacie, Katie, & Abbas for letting me use your pictures!

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