Thursday, August 30, 2012

24 hours at the Eseeola Lodge in Linville

On Sunday, I met my parents in Linville at the Eseeola Lodge for the night. They are staying there this week and since it was only a  2 hour drive, I thought I'd make the trip. Boy, am I glad I did! We packed a lot in and had SUCH a blast. We had 3 great meals, did lots of hiking and golfing, and took a million pictures.

I left Charlotte about 11:00 that morning and stopped along the way at the first Scenic Overlook, Brown Mountain. It got me excited for the day!
 After I got there, I checked in and waited for my parents. This was the view from their suite.
 And the Lodge from the parking lot
I really loved the architecture of the Lodge. Very rustic with lots of wood siding.
 We stopped by the Clubhouse at the Linville Golf Club for lunch
 Dad & I each had a Pimento BLT, and Mom got her regular Caesar. Everything was delicious!
After lunch, we headed back to the Lodge really quick for Mom & Dad to change their shoes. I walked around a took pictures of flowers because I'm kinda obsessed.

We decided that we were going to hike up to the Mile-High Swinging Bridge at Grandfather Mountain first. We drove up, paid the $18/person (totally worth it!) and "hiked" the .5 mile trail up to the bridge. If you don't care about seeing beautiful mountain views, please skip the next 18273890 pictures.

Mom & Dad playing photog
 I thought this was impressive
 Halfway up, there was a photo op.
 Below the Bridge. It was making scary noises.
 Literally a mile up!
Luckily, there was a nice man to take a family photo (Doran, please photoshop yourself in!)
These last 2 are my faves.

After our awesome walk/hike/family photo op, we headed back to Linville to play some golf. I caddied for Mom & Dad...driving golf carts are fun!

 View of the clubhouse from the back. This was the putting green
 1st hole
 1st hole
 We saw some of the same mountains from our hike!

After golf, we headed back to the room and got ready for dinner. Their package for the week includes breakfast & dinner in the main dining room, so we just had to walk downstairs to eat. Very convenient!

For our starters, we ordered:
Jumbo Lump Crab Tower {Fresh Corn and Edamame Succotash Salad/Whole Grain Mustard}
Heirloom Tomato salad {candied bacon/mozzarella/balsamic/arugula} 
 House Pate {pork rillette, cornichon/Dijon/Pickled Local Vegetables/Crouton de Pain}
Mom & Dad also ordered a salad, which we all shared & I forgot to take a picture of. Whoops!
Kale Salad {Local Kale/Romaine Lettuce/Ham Cracklins/Dried Dates/Local Radish/Flax Seeds/Pomegranate Vinaigrette}
For our dinner:
Veal Straccetti and Sweetbread {Hand Crafted Pasta/Fine Sliced Veal/Crispy Sweetbread/ Asparagus/Roasted Pine Nuts/Garden Basil} This was DIVINE
 Dad ordered the Halibut special {bean stew/dijon sauce/lacinato kale/lemon foam} 
 And Mom got the New Zealand Lamb Rack {North African Couscous /ChickPea Stew/Merguez Sausage/Lamb Jus}
 And because dinner wasn't rich or filling enough...we got a slice of Chocolate/rum fudge cake and coconut cake. Both were SINFUL
 The next morning, I got up and had breakfast before hitting the road. Very simple! They had a wonderful fruit station that we hit up, as well as a fresh juice station, and a cereal/oatmeal/yogurt station. Literally, anything you could possibly want for breakfast, they had!

I hopped in the car and drove the 2 hours back to work/reality/life. It was such a nice, relaxing 24 hours! Hope you can go sometime, it was FABULOUS!