Monday, August 6, 2012

California Adventure: Day 4 (Carpinteria & Los Olivos)

**If you've missed our California Adventure recaps, here are links: Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3.**

On our 4th day in California, we started off our day by walking to breakfast at La Dijonnaise in Culver City with Mike & Lilly, our fabulous hosts. I had an enormous quiche! It was pretty good. Connor's breakfast sandwich was definitely better, but massive also!

We then packed up our car, said goodbye to our friends & their pups, and made the 2 hour drive to Carpinteria. The drive up the PCH was just incredible. We had so much fun driving up & down the coast!
 We stopped by our hotel and picked up our friends Holly, Wilson, & Taylor to head to Los Olivos. This charming town came highly recommended from our hosts. What is so wonderful about it is that different wineries from around the area set up little tasting rooms in town, so you can literally go from room to room and taste all kinds of California wine! It really is a brilliant concept.

We started off our wine tour at Carhartt Vineyard. We heard great things about it, and the wine certainly did not disappoint. Connor & I shared this first tasting, and it was so good!

Here are the boys in front of the tasting room. When you walk in, there's a little bar that can accommodate about 6 people, so you walk through to the back area to the patio where they have smaller tables set up for group tastings. It was so charming!
The little farmer's market, right next to Carhartt
After Carhartt, we headed to another tasting room that was not as good (can't remember the name!). They were more experimental and I felt it wasn't as successful.

We then stopped at the Country Mart in town where they made one thing: Tri-Tip sandwich. Apparently this part of California is famous for their Tri-Tips.
It did not disappoint! The bread was really garlic-y and the meat was so tender!

After a leisurely drive through a state park and various canyons, we got ready for the wedding. This was the wedding of our friends, Carver & Meg, who used to live in Charlotte. Connor & Carver started at the firm at the same time, and Meg moved down here for a few months before they moved to Texas to be closer to their families (hers are in TX, his are in Washington!). They just bought a gorgeous house and are starting quite a nice life in Texas!

We were so excited to attend this wedding, as it was the first time we had seen them in about 7 months! Not to mention, it was at an absolutely gorgeous venue: Villa Sevillano. It is a private villa that has views of Santa Barbara & Carpinteria, and it also overlooks polo fields! Breathtaking.
The ceremony had mis-matched chairs. Such a great idea!
 The Villa 
The gardens. Hundreds of roses! You can see to the right of the picture the curtained-off area. That is where the Reception was held.
During the Cocktail Hour, there was an awesome jazz trio playing while we all mingled. They had delicious passed hors d'oeuvres and signature cocktails: Gold Rush for the Bride (her very farorite! Whisky, honey, & lemon) and a berry mojito (which I had). Their guest book was a map of the world where everyone pinned where they came from. It was so cool!

After the cocktail hour, the event staff dramatically opened the curtains revealing the reception space. It was stunning!

After the first dances, it was time to eat! They had 3 stations with plenty of delicious food: a Tapas station, a Grilled Cheese station (with like 10 choices!), and an Asian station. Each station was staffed and had such great options! Our favorite was definitely the whimsical grilled cheese station!

The band was incredible. 10 pieces that played everything from Gaga to Michael Jackson to Journey! It was so much fun dancing the night away!
They had the most gorgeous long sparkler exit, right to a fabulous vintage getaway car. So chic.

The night was so much fun!

I have another recap for our last day spent in Santa Barbara & Carpinteria up next! Stay tuned!


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The countryside looks gorgeous! What an amazing trip. :)