Tuesday, August 7, 2012

California Adventure: Day 5 (Santa Barbara)

On our last day day in California, we sure packed a lot in! We woke up and walked down the road in Carpinteria  to get breakfast at a really cute cupcake place called Crushcakes Cafe. I saw on Yelp that they had awesome breakfast food besides just cupcakes, as well as LA-based Intelligentsia coffee, so we didn't need to search any further!

Connor ordered the Cafe Skillet, which was two fried eggs served with roasted potatoes, anaheim chiles, red peppers, applewood smoked bacon, and melted cheddar and jack cheese.
I ordered the traditional Huevos Rancheros: two fried eggs over grilled corn tortillas, black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, drizzled with cilantro ranch.
Both dishes were phenomenal! I HIGHLY recommend this place!
After breakfast, we meandered around the really cute & quaint town of Carpinteria. We walked all the way down the main street to the beach and back, and stopped in a great little antique shop. I struck up a conversation with the owner & his girlfriend, and they gave us awesome tips on where to go the rest of the day. It's always a good idea to be friendly with the locals...they give you the best advice!

They suggested we take the long way into Santa Barbara, and so we drove through a few tiny coastal towns and neighborhoods, stopped in a few cute shops, and found ourselves falling in love with this part of the country. If we win the lottery, we're going to buy a place in Carpinteria!!

Once we got to Santa Barbara, we parked the car by the pier and walked to go rent bikes. It is a very bike-friendly community, so we fit right in! We biked all up and down the beach paths, taking pictures along the way. It was so much fun!

(BTW, I didn't do a THING to these pictures. It was just so perfectly blue out!!)
After biking, we perused the vendor stalls that were set up all along the bike paths. They had a lot of local artists with their goods on display.
We then decided we wanted margaritas, so we walked about a mile into Santa Barbara for one. We really enjoyed the walk, but it was a little warm and we were thirsty! Biking for a few hours and then walking a mile in my Kate Spade flats was not ideal...definitely got blisters!

We shared a huge portion of guacamole to go along with our margaritas, and we felt better instantly!
 On the way back, we boarded the trolley back to our cars. We were sad to say goodbye to Santa Barbara, but know that we will be back someday (hopefully soon!)

We decided to take the PCH all the way back to LA instead of getting on the larger freeways. We really tried to soak the West Coast in as much as we could...the longer drive was definitely worth it!

Once we got back into LA, we made one last stop: In 'n Out! I tried In 'n Out for the first time when I was in Texas and knew Connor would love it! We got double double animal styles with a side of "well done" fries animal style. We definitely needed a nap after!

Once we returned our rental car, we headed to the airport. Getting to our gate was a breeze! We were sitting ready to board for almost an hour and a half! We definitely didn't think it would be so quick. Luckily there was a Starbuck's right at our gate so I ordered a Venti sleep-time tea in preparation of our Redeye. The redeye was miserable, and I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. When we got to Charlotte and got our bags, we headed home to shower and then we both went right in to work. We were crazy!

It also happened to be Connor's birthday that day, so we went to Jackelope Jack's that night (err....5:00 pm) to celebrate. I also gave him his presents: 1 bottle of Ardbeg Alligator Scotch, a bottle of Maker's 46, & a surprise weekend to Hendersonville in a few weeks. We can't wait to go to the B&B! And we get to bring Bowser, which will make it more fun :) 

Oh, and I also made him an ice cream cake...his favorite! This one is with Chocolate ice cream on the bottom, trail mix & crushed choco-covered pretzels as the middle layer, vanilla ice cream on top, with more crushed pretzels and then sprinkles! WHEW. It is still in our freezer. Who wants to come over?
Anyways, as you can tell, we had such an incredible, unforgettable, fabulous vacation! California was not originally at the top of our Travel list, but we will be sure not to overlook it in the future again. From our incredible 4th of July in Claremont with friends and their family, to tacos & gourmet ice cream in Culver City, to the Hollywood Sign, to biking in Santa Barbara, it was such a GREAT trip! And it only took us like a full WEEK to recover. I literally gained 5+ pounds, and was happy to detox for 2 weeks straight in order to get it off!

Hope you enjoyed the posts! Until next time...

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