Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hendersonville recap

Last weekend, Connor, Bowser, & I headed to Hendersonville, NC. This cute, quaint mountain town is about 2 hours west of Charlotte, on the way to Asheville. Like I mentioned HERE, we stayed in Hendersonville last year for the 4th of July weekend and LOVED it. It reminds us of Asheville, with its wonderful restaurants, friendly & welcoming locals, sweet B & B's, and plenty of things to do outside!
We got to the Melange Inn (owned by Lale & Mehmet, a wonderful Turkish couple) around 6 on Friday and got ourselves settled in. We had a beer while we got ready for dinner, and hung out with Bowser on the porch. Bowser likes to sit on people's feet...Exhibit A
After we got ready, we headed downtown. Our hotel was about a mile from town, and since I was in heels we decided to drive. We luckily found a parking spot right on Main Street.

We walked around town for a little bit before we decided to get dinner. The courthouse is one of my favorite sights in town. The gold top is gorgeous!

We decided to return to Never Blue, a great little place right near the theater in town, for dinner.
Never Blue serves awesome Margaritas, so y'all KNOW I was in my happy place:
We ordered the Crazy Onions and a mix of tacos. Everything was delicious!
Pimento cheese
After dinner, we caught the tail-end of the classic car show. We started walking around and through all of the cars when all of a sudden, they all started up and left! The cars were so gorgeous and in such great shape.
Saturday morning, we woke up and had a phenomenal and hearty breakfast prepared by Lale (the wife). We had delicious ricotta-filled blintzes with fresh peaches from the market that Mehmet (the husband) picked up that morning. That inspired us to check it out! We ended up getting eggs & tomatoes
Gorgeous heirlooms!
We stopped by one of the coffee shops in town after the market...it was just OK
 We also stopped by Wag!, which is a FAB pet store in town. They let dogs come in, so Bowser loved sniffing around and picking out treats! We brought back a 3-foot deer jerky stick for his friends, Winston & Lucky. They were thrilled.
After our lazy morning around town, we decided to head to the Waterfalls nearby. There is a group of 3 waterfalls within a few miles of each other that is in the Dupont State Forest. It was about a 25 minute drive from Hendersonville. Definitely worth it!
This was after the mile hike up to the top. We took a longer route going up, and ended up at High Falls first. Once we got there, we hiked down to the base to sit on the rocks and had a picnic of sandwiches from a GREAT deli in town (Mountain Deli).
We then hiked down to Triple Falls...
Hooker Falls is the 3rd waterfall, and it is where we went last year. It wasn't warm enough to go swimming so we didn't get in. Bowser was relieved.

After hiking, we decided to hunt down some apples. Connor found Sky Top Orchard in neighboring Flat Rock (a smaller but equally-as-cute town)
We were excited to pick apples so early!
Bowser liked crawling in the grass. It's the little things in life.
It was an absolutely gorgeous overcast kinda day
Here are the Honeycrisps. Hands down, the best apples on the planet.
Oh hello, mountain views
Our spoils: Ginger Gold (for baking), Honeycrisp, & Asian Pears
We also left with an iced apple cider to share, a big jar of apple butter (YUM), and local mountain wildflower honey. We hit the jackpot!

After our big afternoon, we headed back to get ready for dinner. Mehmet & Lale had pieces of cake ready for us when we came down for cocktail hour, in honor of Connor's birthday. We sat in the parlor, and enjoyed the cool weather
Cheers! We brought some sparkling with us, obviously...
After our pre-dinner "snack", it started to rain. We were not happy because if it rains then we can't take Bowser to eat with us. We decided to get take-out!
Pad Thai & Wall-E in bed! It was a perfect, relaxing evening. Bear in mind that we almost never have a veg-out night on a weekend. EVER. We're always doing something! So it was SO SO nice to just relax in our comfy bed and not have anything to do.
Sunday we were sad because it was still kinda rainy. Lale prepared us a wonderful last breakfast before we hit the road.
 The breakfast room
A fabulous homemade puff pastry shell with fresh berries. YUM
Baked eggs with fresh mushrooms & local tomatoes with an incredible blueberry scone
 After breakfast, we took one last stroll around the Inn
 They host parties/weddings pretty often, and this is the back guest area they rent out. The owners cook all the food for the parties! They are so talented

We packed our car and hit the road! 2 hours and then we were back to reality. It was such a nice weekend! I would HIGHLY recommend staying at the Melange Inn, next time you're in Hendersonville!

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Leslie said...

What a great little trip! The town seems super cute and the scenery beautiful. Bowser is adorable btw. :)