Monday, August 13, 2012


Connor & I had a busy weekend, per usual. We had a really nice dinner with his co-workers on Friday, and went to bed early!. Saturday we woke up and hit up the King's Drive Farmer's Market followed by a trip to our 2 favorite places: Habitat for Humanity Restore & Home Depot. We have lots of projects to accomplish in the next month or so, and HD was a must! We got paint in UVA colors for our cornhole boards and random other supplies we were missing, and I got to work! I found the logo, blew it up in Paint (I know, very high tech), and cut it out with a really fine exact-o knife. There was a decent amount of detail, so I had to be really precise. I also did the lettering, but for some reason decided to cut it out on cardboard. DO NOT do that. The letters didn't come out very well! Just trace them in!

After I cut them out, we had to decide where they would go, and then taped it down. I then traced with a pencil and then filled in the lines with a really tiny brush.
 I had to do a couple of coats of turned out pretty well I think!

After I did the logo on one board, we noticed the second board had some scuffs and marks on it. This delayed the project until further notice. Ugh. I wish I had been able to knock it out in one day! We had to go back to Home Depot yesterday to get white paint and more supplies for other projects. We're actually turning 2 Ikea Billy bookcases into 1 with crown molding and trim detailing. The inspiration is a combination of HERE & HERE. We got all of the wood, epoxy, and paint so just have to finish painting the trim and then it'll be time to install!

On Saturday evening, we met up with our good friends for dinner at Kickstand (BEST wings in Charlotte!)  then met Meredith (Happy Birthday!), her parents, and Mary & Marie at Nolen Kitchen for drinks post-dinner. We had fun catching up with her parents (who own the house boat in KY) and celebrating her birthday!

Sunday, I woke up and went on a long walk with Bowser. It rained off and on Saturday, leaving Sunday to be absolutely gorgeous. It was about 70 degrees with low humidity when we walked...such a treat! When I got back, after the last of the pumpkin pancake mix from TJ's (almost Pumpkin season again!), we headed back to Home Depot and then really got to work.  Since getting our Office/Guest room #2 organized, we were really bitten by the cleaning bug. We have been going through each room, getting rid of stuff and cleaning! I cleaned & re-organized our whole kitchen (spices, tupperware, food, etc) while Connor vacuumed & mopped. I also managed to get the first few coats of paint on the trim, which is tedious because the pieces are so narrow and thin. Ikea's white paint is not pure bright white, so we had to find a color that was close. Luckily, there are enough people who have tried a few colors so we chose to go with a sample pot of Martha Stewart's Talc paint. It looks pretty good!

After an exhausting day, I made us a delicious NC Shrimp (from the Farmer's Market!) & veggie pasta. We had zucchini, yellow squash, onions, garlic, & heirloom tomatoes, plus a hearty glug of white wine, as the "sauce". It was so yummy! We then finally sat down and relaxed while watching the Closing Ceremony. I thought it was SO well done, and such a wonderful celebration of athletes! It was also amazing to see the Spice Girls perform after all these years. They were AWESOME!! I also re-covered one more dining room chair while we watched, so there's only one left to do!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!




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