Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Greenbrier

Over the weekend, Connor & I met my family (parents, sister & her husband, 2 aunts) at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV. It was a 4-hour drive from Charlotte, and only a 2-hour drive from Charlottesville for the rest of my family. I took Friday off work, and got to the Greenbrier around 2:00. My parents had a tee time at 10:30 and didn't finish up until around 3:30 so I had a good bit of time to check in, unload the groceries (my job was to bring snacks), and unwind. By the time they got to our cottage, I was in full vacation mode!

Fabulously comfortable slippers & robes in every room.
Our porch from the 200-year-old cottage!
The living area
Mom & Dad's room
 Aunt's room
D&B's room
 Our room
We had snacks and walked around a bit before getting ready for dinner at Sam Snead's .
Happy hour is a family tradition.

This restaurant was located at the Golf Clubhouse, and had gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. The style of food was "regional fare", and it was so delicious. They use food from their own Greenbrier Farm, so it was really cool to have a farm-to-fork experience at a resort on this scale.

Connor's Mint Julep

My starter, a Caesar Salad with oven-roasted tomatoes, and white 'chovies (family joke).

 For my entree, I ordered the pan-seared semi-boneless Plantation Quail with 5-onion grits, finished with a peach gastrique. It was insane.

 For dessert, we shared the banana cream pie. This was OUT OF CONTROL.
 After a nice long dinner, we stopped back at the cottage to pop some Veuve and celebrate everyone's birthday & special occasion from this year. I brought cupcakes from my favorite Charlotte bakery, Sunflour, but we were too stuffed to eat them.

After our celebrations, we decided to head over to the Casino for a little fun. We stopped in the shops on the way and saw a gorgeous dress the Greenbrier got at the Elizabeth Taylor Christie's auction last year.

 And we had a seeeester photo-op.

I also took a picture inside, which I think wasn't allowed. I live on the edge. 

 I also took some time admiring the bathroom (all of them are GORGEOUS). Lilly dress from last year scored on Rue La La this summer, J. Crew bracelet, Anthro earrings, Kendra Scott cocktail ring, Lilly gold wedges.

I also spotted what looked like a Murano glass lamp in the bathroom that was so chic! 

 My beverage of choice: A Dark 'n Stormy. So yummy!

We stayed at the Casino long enough for me to blow through $20 in 15 minutes, and to watch various Craps, Blackjack, Poker, & Roulette games. It was a lot of fun! Makes me excited for Atlantic City in 2 weeks!  Connor & I stayed up talking with Doran & Brandon until about 1 that night. It was so good to catch up!

The next morning, Connor, Mom, Dad, Doran, Brandon & I went to breakfast.
(Target shirt & skirt, J. Crew Bubble necklace, Kate Spade bag)
This was our view from the back. So gorgeous!
 Gorgeous Sister
The breakfast buffet is just incredible. All you can eat fruit, yogurt, made-to-order eggs & omelettes, and lots of sweets. I had a big bowl of fruit & yogurt, an egg, and a sampling of pig. We decided this would be our one meal for breakfast & lunch so we loaded up!

After we ate, Connor & I stayed around the hotel to get an interior tour of the place. It was really interesting! It gave us a chance to learn the history of the 100-year-old resort.

Even the BATHROOMS had amazing detail

For example, Dorothy Draper was a famous interior designer in NYC when the resort commissioned her to work on the inside. She died in the 60's after working with the Greenbrier and her partner, Carlton Varney, bought her business and still runs it to this day! He designs the fabrics and furniture for the hotel, and oversees each and every project still! He even designed the Casino.

This was my favorite room, as it is a part of the original hotel before it expanded. Isn't it just gorgeous? The chandelier was insane.
Just a simple wall piece.
RIght off the ballroom was a really cool hall of old dudes in Plaster.
 My second favorite room had these gorgeous old floors.
It connected to the back porch of the hotel, which was our entrance for the weekend.
This room also had a stunning portrait of Grace Kelly. Swoon.
This was a very preppy pink & green room with lots of clams & trellis detail. So fun! The mint walls were to DIE for

The white was all plaster, and the gold above it (an eagle) was carved wood. Incredible detail
This was the bar area. The chandelier was from Gone with the Wind!

This room was off the pink ballroom. A good space for a cocktail hour after a ceremony!
This was my 3rd favorite space. It is the study. I LOVED the dogs on the mantle, carved wooden mirror, and the rich green walls with the bright floral fabric. GORGEOUS!
This is the chandelier right at the entrance. So funky
This was the seating area in the lobby. LOVED the painted columns!
This was one of the new ballrooms during the expansion (when they built the secret bunker)
This was the lobby area right by that ballroom. Obsessed with the drapes!
Downstairs somewhere, after our Bunker tour. This room was so cool. 
The attorney hard at work.
The indoor pool, original to the hotel. 
After our history tour, my family met up with us and we went on a 90-minute walking Bunker tour. The Bunker was revealed in the early 90's as a secret fallout shelter for Congress in case of any emergency. It never got used, but the Greenbrier had to keep it up-to-date with food, water, supplies, etc. at a moment's notice. I would highly recommend the tour!

We split up after the Bunker tour, and Doran, Mom & I went shopping. There are a bunch of great shops, and it was fun to poke around. We then headed back to our cottage to have happy hour and get ready for dinner at the Summit Lodge.

We took a shuttle up and then took a zillion pictures.

Our hosts, Mom & Dad! (THANK YOU)

There was a wedding going on in the space next to the lodge. Chilly but gorgeous!
Photo-op time
(Lilly dress & wedges)

My mom & her sisters
Godmothers & Goddaughters
The bar area, where they made from-scratch syrups & infused liquors.
 Cozy fireplace
 The lodge from the front
Happy 1-year anniversary!!
The "gymnasium" disguised as a barn
Looking up to the wedding. Kinda wish we had crashed it after dinner!
Le menu:
Contemplating le menu:
We ordered a bowl of chili-cheese sweet potato fries. I could have had one bowl to myself!
A rosemary lemonade w/ vodka. Yum.
I ordered the burger, but wish I had just had a salad. We ordered family-style sides for the table!
Mac & Cheese, mushrooms, baked beans, & creamed spinach.

Connor got the Seafood boil
After we rolled out of the restaurant and down the hill, I quickly changed into my PJ's & slippers. I needed to be comfortable! We all played games (Bananagrams & Oh Hell) until about 1 AM. We were all so sad it was our last night!

The next morning, after packing up our stuff and respective cars, we made one last trip up to the resort. We had breakfast:

And took more pictures (obviously)
This was one of the chandeliers in the Main Dining Room. STUNNING.
One of my favorite pieces of furniture. So inspirational! Love the contrast with the yellow.
The hallway chandelier
It was about 55 degrees but it was so clear out!
Not a bad view.
Breathtaking, right?

Favorite couple!
Dad & the girls
Everything was blooming. I can't imagine how busy the landscaping crew must stay!

We had such a fabulous time, and we can't wait to go back!