Friday, October 26, 2012


 Halloween weekend is THIS WEEKEND! I am obviously very excited because I have dedicated a few posts to it! It is the time when everyone gets to get their creative juices flowing by decorating and dressing up!

A few of my favorite costumes have been over the last couple years. I'll give you an idea!

2008: while living abroad in Florence, IT for the semester. Italians think dressing up for halloween involves crazy scary masks and really spooky costumes. We showed them the more playful side! We have a pirate, a mouse, a witch, another pirate, and a school girl. Fun!
 2010: By far the BEST costume was being a Zombie for Charlottesville's Zombie Pub Crawl! We all put on crazy makeup and went as different things. Connor, Paul, & I were Decades Zombies. Connor was 70's, I was 80's and Paul was 90's. Bekkah (Left) went as zombie kitty, my sister and her husban went as a devil (original zombie) and Jesus, and our "sister" Karah went as a streaker!
 Serious Decades Zombies
The next night we went to a costume party at a friend's house, and I went as Alice while Era was the Cheshire Cat, Bekkah was the White Rabbit, & Sarah was the Queen of Hearts! That was really fun!

Connor & Paul were beefy QB's. So cute.
 2011: I went as Jersey Shore Girl. Poofy hair, stunner shades, fur, tacky leopard tunic, leggings, and crazy high heels made for an easy costume! Also included: LOTS of bronzer.

This year I made my costume for under $10 and it involved a bit of spray paint and 2 pieces of foam board. Can't wait to show you what I came up with! Connor, Bowser, & I will be coordinating.

Hope y'all have some spooky parties to attend, or can find a good reason to throw on a costume and celebrate! Happy Halloween weekend!


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