Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY projects

In between being out of town for the past 1,343,192 weekends this year, I've been working on a few DIY projects. First off, this is what my friend (and new neighbor, yay!) Kristen and I did last night: Burlap holiday wreaths!

We pinned some inspiration and got to work. My inspiration was a messier wreath, like my life. I followed the steps from Under My Umbrella. It turned out fine and then I added some cobwebs and spiders in preparation of our Halloween party next weekend. Spooky, right?
Here we are with our finished products! Kristen did a neater wreath with fall flowers and greenery hot-glued on. It turned out so well!
Another project that I worked on was cleaning up all our silver. I saw on Pinterest that if you line your sink with aluminum foil, and add boiling water & baking soda, the foil will absorb the tarnish. I read it up on some science-y website here, and it seemed like it would work.
So I got out all my silver pieces, and got the sink ready & the water boiling.
I put one of the bowls in a small amount of water to see how it would work...
And you can see that it mostly did!
 I did several batches of water, and the tarnish mostly came off. There were a few bowls that it didn't work on, so I suspect they were the silver-plated ones. Have you all tried this? Any suggestions?

 Lastly, I worked on 2 crafts for my Sister & Brother-in-Law's 1 year anniversary. They just moved in to their new home, and I thought that some new "art" would be just the thing to give! Plus, you're supposed to give Paper gifts for the 1 year anniversary.

 I stopped by PaperSource one day, and browsed around thinking of ideas for a gift. I saw these fabulous 3D letters in a great font and thought it would be great to cover it with really chic paper. I found this awesome colorful chevron-esque paper from Italy that I ADORED. And on the back it was polka-dotted!

So first, I traced my letters (front & back) on the paper and cut it out carefully. I used an exact-o knife for the inner parts of the letters.

Then I flipped the paper over and cut out the lining of the letters using the polka dot paper.

I Mod Podged the paper onto the letters...I had to do a few coats to get it to stick but it worked really well!
Getting perfectly-sized strips for the inner parts of the letters was definitely the most time-consuming.
Finished product! I love how colorful and chic they turned out!
My sister & her husband (D & B) with their last name (R)! LOVE mongrams!

Another project I worked on for her was to do the "We Met, We Married, We Live" that is all over Pinterest. It was a very simple craft!

I went to AAA to pick up free maps and then to HomeGoods for a black 8x10 frame.

I then downloaded a cute font and typed out the Met Married Live and printed that out. I literally dug deep down on crafting with my Mom ages ago, and remembered that if you shade in pencil in the back of the paper then flip it over and trace over the letters it's like EASY CALLIGRAPHY. I have terribly inconsistent handwriting so this is a great trick!

Anyways, I wrote over the letters in a black Le Pen (my favorite new pens!) and then cut out hearts over where they met (Charlottesville), where they married (my parent's house in Charlottesville), and where they live (again, in downtown Charlottesville!!) I ended up using 2 maps, one from just Charlottesville and one of Virginia. I think it turned out really great! Plus, I LUCKILY had just enough paper to make it fit, so it coordinates with the letters!

What do y'all think? She said she loved them, and I can't wait to show y'all where she hangs them!

What crafts have you been working on recently?

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