Friday, October 19, 2012

Ready for Halloween!

In case you were wondering, Halloween is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE holiday. The combination of the weather becoming manageable, pumpkins everywhere, decorations, and costumes (OMG) has led to this being the best month ever.  It also doesn't hurt that my parents both have their birthday in October.

Since we have been out of town every weekend it seems like since ever, we decided that this weekend and next we were going to stay in Charlotte. My sister and her husband are planning on visiting next weekend for our party so we will be able to decorate our house, clean, and carve pumpkins this weekend. Fun!

Last year, we had our friends Meg & Carver (married in Santa Barbara...recap here) over to carve pumpkins. I made a batch of pumpkin muffins and served apple cider to get us in the fall mood!

I made sure we saved the seeds...I made sweet ones and salty ones. Delicious!
My pumpkin last year was GOLD AND SPARKLY. Since I am a Magpie, attracted to/collector of shiny pretty things, I thought that painting my pumpkin would be awesome. It lasted way longer than the carved ones, which was a huge bonus!
Meg carved hers then sprayed it shiny black.
This is Connor's version of Bart Simpson....
And Carver's scary pumpkin! We thought spraying the top would seem like a spooky top hat. It looked awesome!  
I ended up stenciling BOO! on mine with black paint. Here they all are from last year. They turned out so great!  

We are also heading to SCarowinds on Saturday night with some friends. I love SCARY things and Connor loves Rollercoasters, so we're going to have so much fun! Here are some pictures from when we went last year with our friend Landon.

 The Afterburn...I SCREAMED the entire time

Illegally taking pictures in the corn maze. Those are THE SCARIEST things EVER!
Right? Yeah there's lots of that. 

I am so excited for this weekend, I can't even stand it! And then next weekend when my sister comes? Lordy it's going to be a great few weeks :)

Hope y'all enjoy this weekend, and can carve Pumpkins, get spooked, and have fun!



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