Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Activities

 I'm a week late on posting our Halloween activities but I promise you this is the end of Halloween recaps.

The weekend before Halloween we carved pumpkins and I was too lazy to upload my pictures. Here they are!
I found an awesome template online for carving a Boston Terrier. Yes, I'm obsessed.
 You had to tape the outline on the pumpkin and then prick along the edges to mark where you carve and where you peel. Peeling is HARD.
 It took me about an hour to finish it. How do you think it came out?
 I thought it turned out pretty well. This was my first attempt are REAL carving. Not just spray painting or making weird faces.
My friend Kristen made the cutest little pumpkins for the kids she went to babysit that night. She's so creative!
 This was Kristen & Bryan's second round of pumpkins. The first time theirs rotted. I read if you sprayed with bleach and water then it keeps it from rotting. Definitely helped ours.

Kristen free-handed the one on the left. SO TALENTED. And Bryan's was silly, of course.
 Here's a peek at our decorations. I didn't do a great job taking pictures from our party since I was so busy catching up with people.

Spray-painted mini pumpkins gold and found some cute signs online
 Our bar. I got a lot of decorations last year that were reusable so that was great! Our friend Ryan bought the light up pumpkin that we loved having on display.
 The Jell-o shots that were THE DEATH of me. Slime (lime), Blood (black cherry), & Pumpkin Guts (orange)
 Kristen brought over dessert in the shape of fingers. They were really yummy but grossly realistic!
She also made the cupcakes. They were those chocolate-bottomed ones. YUM.
 The spread
 Mummy Dogs (half hotdogs with slivers of crescent dough wrapped around). These were a HUGE hit!
 Blood 'n bones (pizza dough/breadstick dough cut into the shape of bones served with marinara). These didn't turn out as well but looked good!
And now for what you've all been waiting for....our costumes!

Bowser was an unimpressed pig. Target has the BEST costumes for dogs.
And here we all are! Connor as a Farmer and I was Bacon! Circle of life. I know it's kind of dark but I wasn't very inspired this year.
You can see how I did it: Bought 2 pieces of poster-sized foam board from Michael's. Cut them into 2 strips of bacon each. Took thick craft paper and cut a  made wavy strips to keep it white while I spraypainted it Wine-colored.
 Spray paint was easy! The color came out really well, too. I was surprised.
 Laying out to dry. The total time spent was about an hour.
 Bowser was also a bat. That's his favorite costume (i.e. everyone's favorite costume for him). He was, again, unimpressed.
 Ryan as a furry frog. Kinda creepy :)
 Lady Gaga-esque, construction worker, serial killer
 Frog Head was not destined to stay on long

I hope y'all enjoyed the recap. Halloween was so fun this year! Now I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving, where we get to see all of our family.


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Leslie said...

I love the pumpkins! The husband and I were too lazy to carve any this year. Your party looks like so much fun, but those finger cookies are scary!