Monday, November 26, 2012

J. Crew Warehouse Clearance Event

Yesterday, on our way back to Charlotte, we stopped in Lynchburg at the J. Crew warehouse (25 Millrace Drive) for the Clearance weekend shopping event. My friend, Karah, told me about her finds the day before so I knew we would have some luck!

We pulled up to the warehouse and were directed to a back door where we were greeted with a bag and a price sheet/instructions. Shoes were priced at $10 (sandals), $20 (flats), $30 (pumps, wedges), & $70 (boots). Sweaters were $20 and ALL cashmere was $25. Pants & skirts were $10 (!!), and jackets were $40.

The first section you walk past is the shoes. They are mostly organized in boxes by size. The selections were all current or recently on sale, and in brand new condition! I got a pair of the Booker boots in light brown (retail $298) for $70, the Martina Patent Wedges in black (retail $228) for $30, and open-toed leopard patent heels for $30 (can't find online).

I also got red wool City Trousers, gray Minnies(here), a navy brocade pencil skirt, and a wool gray mini (here) for $10 each, and a cashmere sweater for $25.

There are no dressing rooms/mirrors, so I literally just held up the clothes against myself and made a judgement call. If it didn't fit when I got home, I was just going to sell them online or something.

Miraculously, everything fits PERFECTLY! I'm shocked at how the pants fit. I have a really hard time finding them in the right length, and these are great. I'm wearing the red pants right now and have gotten a zillion compliments already! They are the perfect holiday pants :)

We were only at the warehouse for an hour and a half (and saw couple we knew!), but I know we could have done much more if we had the time. Next time I'm going with my sister/friends/mom/aunts for an all-day event! The max you can spend is $500, and I can see where it might be hard to come under! I spend only about $200, and I feel like it was hard to stop!

The only downside was the clothes were ALL together, only sorted by gender (mostly). There wasn't a skirt table, pants table, etc. You had to dig through everything to find stuff. I gave up at one point and walked to the front of the warehouse and then I found all of those great clothes! There was just a whole random section of men's, women's and Crewcuts at the front that had a lot of stuff in my size so I had a lot of options. Score!

Normally we aren't the kind of frenzy shoppers so it was majorly overwhelming but once we got back and tried on our clothes and saw how good the quality was, we were really happy that we stopped. I'm OBSESSED with my new shoes!

Have you hit up a sample/clearance sale? How did it go?


Leslie said...

I participated in this one time, since one of my good friends lives in Lynchburg. I got one a long winter jacket for $50, which I love. There are some great deals to be had! I love your finds. :)

Shannon Vaughn said...

I am SO jealous. I have only been to the warehouse once. Scary to think that was 7+ years ago while on a college visit nearby!