Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Vacation: INDIA!!!!

This year, I will be traveling to INDIA over the holidays. Why, you ask? Well, my fabulous cousin Cat married a fabulous Indian last year. They had a wedding in their hometown, London, last December and an American reception in March that I wasn't able to attend. They're having a traditional Hindu wedding in Delhi on Friday the 28th! AND I WILL BE THERE!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this wedding. Being able to attend a Hindu wedding is thrilling, but having it be in INDIA makes it just...I can't even begin to express my excitement! I am THRILLED! I have been doing lots of reading & research about Hindu ceremonies, so I can't wait to share with you each tradition.

I also can't wait to take a ZILLION pictures and do a full recap of my trip! I will be flying on Christmas day via Qatar Airways. My flight leaves at 10PM from Dulles on Tuesday the 25th, and I arrive in Delhi on Thursday the 27th at 3AM. My body will be so thrown off but I'll be ready to roll as soon as my plane lands in Delhi. It is 10.5 hours difference...crazy!

There are trips planned to a few different spots:


Look at that fabulous Golden Temple! It attracts more visitors annually than the Taj Mahal!

This is where Cat's husband is from. Can't wait to visit his hometown!

 Y'all. I can't even. I mean, LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Breathtaking. I.cannot.wait! 

When we're in Delhi I fully plan on getting a Sari for the wedding, as well as a few traditional everyday outfits like a Salwar Kameez and some tunics.
I will obviously not look this fabulous but I will try!

I will obviously not be blogging on my trip so stay tuned after the New Year for full recaps of my trip!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughts for Newtown

Today I join other bloggers in a day of silence for Sandy Hook Elementary and the town of Newtown, CT. I am still in shock over the devastation that occurred on Friday, and I hope the community of Newtown can feel our thoughts and prayers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Charlotte Bloggers Dinner/Ornament Swap

Last night, I met 13 other Charlotte Bloggers at Aria for dinner and an ornament exchange. It was SO MUCH FUN, y'all! My friend Classic Annie set the whole thing up, and I helped her organize the Yankee Swap for our Ornament Exchange (rules here). It was such a fun activity!

 Of course these girls would have the CUTEST wrapped gifts!
  This was my first time meeting these girls! They are such talented bloggers! It was such a treat to gab about blogging and Charlotte.  

I played "Stalkarazzi" last night, which I always enjoy :)
 Cheers! {Instagrammed/tweeted}
 We had so much fun! I tried to get everyone...sorry if I left you off!

 The food was also REALLY good! I ordered the Pappardelle, which came with braised short ribs. I also had the Rosemary Pomegranate Prosecco cocktail. YUM!
 After dinner, we took a group photo (except Rachel who had to get home to her little one!)

Top Row:  Laura, Bre, Kate, Beth, Me, Lulu, Maran, Lauren
Bottom Row:  Bri, Christina, Mindy, Michelle, April
We also took some split group shots, to make a more manageable picture!

"Talls" (nice pose, Lulu!)
 Beth & I! Love this girl
 GORGEOUS! Kate & Maran

I was SO seriously nervous about this but as soon as I got to Aria my nerves went away. These girls were all super welcoming to a newbie blogger like myself!

I can't wait until we do this again soon!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas wishlist

I've already sent my lists around to my family, but here are a few extra things I would love if they showed up under the tree this Christmas.

Hope I've been a good girl this year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surprise Birthday weekend!

This weekend was one of our friend & new neighbor's birthday! Her husband had coordinated her 2 BFF's from VA Beach to drive down on Friday to surprise her for the weekend and it was SO FUN to be in on it!

The night started out innocently enough with dinner at one of Charlotte's newest additions, the Peculiar Rabbit. We had a pretty good meal, and hope that it keeps working out the kinks!

I ordered the burger which came with a fried egg and bacon. It was just OK. There was a really bland sauce that came on top of it which really dulled the flavors. Unfortunate. Connor ordered the Fish & Chips which were excellent.
 After dinner, the girls were still on their way so we headed to Thomas Street Tavern. I loved how festive it was! They had their trees all decked out!
We played some Cornhole...that's Bryan mid-throw. He and I lost to Krishnan & Kristen
High school friends in Charlotte!
Kristen & Krishnan...the winners!
Thug life
Her friends ended up getting to Charlotte around 10 and totally surprised her! It was so much fun.

Saturday, I went to Meredith's house to bake cookies.

We made Peppermint Chocolate Chunk (recipe here)
 Traditional Sugar Cookies (recipe here)
 And Meredith's famous Buckeyes! (similar recipe)

Everything we made turned out great! After I got home and got over my sugar coma, C & I cleaned up around the house then got ready and headed over to Cantina for Kristen's birthday dinner. And yes, we made her wear the Sombrero. She was a good sport!
 I got the brisket & fish tacos with a chopped salad. I could not finish my meal...their portions are HUGE!
 After a fun dinner, we headed over to our friends house for a Deep Fry party. By the time we got there, the frying was already done (thank goodness!) so we just hung out around their fire and caught up. Melissa also showed us Wii dance. She killed it to Maniac!
 We then all headed out to Montford. First stop: Angry Ale's. I tried (unsuccessfully) to order the traditional Birthday shot for Kristen, but they didn't have the proper ingredients. Kristen, don't worry...I'll get you one soon!

We weren't really feeling Angry's so we headed to Andrew Blair's. AB's is now, apparently, El Camino. It was MUCH sketchier than normal, and absolutely packed!

The DJ was kinda douche-y but played some serious jams. This was when we were serenading 2 Chainz' Birthday Song to Kristen.
 And here is Alexa being stalked by some creeper in a tacky sweater. Love it!
When we were trying to leave, the DJ kept playing Britney, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc. I mean, he really was cranking out the songs of my childhood! It was hard to leave!

We had so much fun last weekend! Definitely still recovering!

Friday, December 7, 2012

ACC Football Championship Game

Saturday was the Florida State vs. Georgia Tech game here in Charlotte, and Connor got club tickets for us and 2 of his clients. They were BALLERRRRR.

So we headed up to my parking garage at work and walked up to go see what was going on before the game.
Little Big Town put together a great concert! It was so much fun
Our tickets included a wristband for a VIP lounge before the game and during half time. There was a huge buffet and a well-stocked & well-staffed bar.

We noshed on mini hot dogs, sliders, BBQ, nachos, salad, mac & cheese that was OUT OF CONTROL, coleslaw, etc. We had lots of food!
Here are the boys. Sorry for such shitty pictures!
The view! It was awesome! We had such great seats! And it was mild enough not to need a jacket, which was perfect.
Here is Connor's client and her fiance! They're getting married in the Spring in Charlotte, and it has been so fun talking about our weddings together!

We left at half time because we sure as heck didn't care about either team. But it was such a great experience! Now I'm going to be snobby about future level only!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Even though the weather has been in the 70's this weekend, and will be in the 70's this weekend, I am definitely in the Holiday Spirit!

On Sunday, we decked the halls our house, finally. We got a tree last weekend and finally got around to getting the ornaments on it!

We got our tree at Home Depot (the parking lot) for a whopping $30. They had such great prices and a ton of options! Plus, the guys were super nice and helpful!
 It looks crazy lopsided but that's because they packaged the trimmings on that side. It's been nice decorating with them!

Ta da!! We have a mix of cheap red & gold ornaments we got at Target last year with some really special ones. Hand-me-downs from our parents, ones that we made last year with our friends (such a great idea, BTW!), and some we've been collecting.
 When I was home over Thanksgiving, my mom gave me a box she found in Granny's attic last year that had all these old vintage Shiny Brite glass ornaments. I picked out the striped ones (hand painted! The 50's were the BEST) and the pink & green ones. I thought grouping them in bowls looked cute, with fresh trimmings and berries from our yard (well, our neighbor's yard but who's counting?)

This is in our parlor...
And our mantle in the Parlor. I hung our stockings in between the cutest ornaments of the set. I strung them up with that cute Baker's twine I got from The Plaid Barn. I used a mix of pink and green baker's twine.
 I thought it looked pretty cute!
 More ornaments in bowls. This time in our dining room on the bar. The little bell ornaments are just the cutest!
 Tablescaping on our Dining Room table. Sandra Lee, watch out!
 After we decorated our house, I made my famous chili and went over to Kristen's to help her make decorations for a retirement party she was coordinating.

We made really cute table decorations: Cinnamon sticks with gold pinecones & greenery, frasier fir trimmings in a bouquet thing, tied with burlap, with gold pinecones, and then we stamped a zillion napkins and made a banner. It all turned out great!
 I also have been dressing Bowser in one of his 4 Christmas outfits (seriously he has 2 sweaters, one set of PJ's, and this Santa outfit) at least once a day. This is the NOT AMUSED Santa costume. I think it was meant for a cat, but he's so small that it totally works on his head. The beard really cracks me up.
 How could I have resisted? The hilarious thing is that the hood goes over his eyes more often than not, and he tries to run around in it and walks all sideways and in circles and such.

I am a bad person. It is all for the greater good thought...for the happiness of the people! Huzzah.

What have you been doing recently to get you in the mood for the Holidays? Decking halls? Spiked Egg Nog? Making Christmas Cards?