Friday, December 14, 2012

Charlotte Bloggers Dinner/Ornament Swap

Last night, I met 13 other Charlotte Bloggers at Aria for dinner and an ornament exchange. It was SO MUCH FUN, y'all! My friend Classic Annie set the whole thing up, and I helped her organize the Yankee Swap for our Ornament Exchange (rules here). It was such a fun activity!

 Of course these girls would have the CUTEST wrapped gifts!
  This was my first time meeting these girls! They are such talented bloggers! It was such a treat to gab about blogging and Charlotte.  

I played "Stalkarazzi" last night, which I always enjoy :)
 Cheers! {Instagrammed/tweeted}
 We had so much fun! I tried to get everyone...sorry if I left you off!

 The food was also REALLY good! I ordered the Pappardelle, which came with braised short ribs. I also had the Rosemary Pomegranate Prosecco cocktail. YUM!
 After dinner, we took a group photo (except Rachel who had to get home to her little one!)

Top Row:  Laura, Bre, Kate, Beth, Me, Lulu, Maran, Lauren
Bottom Row:  Bri, Christina, Mindy, Michelle, April
We also took some split group shots, to make a more manageable picture!

"Talls" (nice pose, Lulu!)
 Beth & I! Love this girl
 GORGEOUS! Kate & Maran

I was SO seriously nervous about this but as soon as I got to Aria my nerves went away. These girls were all super welcoming to a newbie blogger like myself!

I can't wait until we do this again soon!


Kate said...

You were nervous? Aw sweetie, you're cute! Nice to meet you last night and hope to see you at our next get-together!

Leslie said...

It looks like a great time! How fun. :)