Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Vacation: INDIA!!!!

This year, I will be traveling to INDIA over the holidays. Why, you ask? Well, my fabulous cousin Cat married a fabulous Indian last year. They had a wedding in their hometown, London, last December and an American reception in March that I wasn't able to attend. They're having a traditional Hindu wedding in Delhi on Friday the 28th! AND I WILL BE THERE!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this wedding. Being able to attend a Hindu wedding is thrilling, but having it be in INDIA makes it just...I can't even begin to express my excitement! I am THRILLED! I have been doing lots of reading & research about Hindu ceremonies, so I can't wait to share with you each tradition.

I also can't wait to take a ZILLION pictures and do a full recap of my trip! I will be flying on Christmas day via Qatar Airways. My flight leaves at 10PM from Dulles on Tuesday the 25th, and I arrive in Delhi on Thursday the 27th at 3AM. My body will be so thrown off but I'll be ready to roll as soon as my plane lands in Delhi. It is 10.5 hours difference...crazy!

There are trips planned to a few different spots:


Look at that fabulous Golden Temple! It attracts more visitors annually than the Taj Mahal!

This is where Cat's husband is from. Can't wait to visit his hometown!

 Y'all. I can't even. I mean, LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Breathtaking. I.cannot.wait! 

When we're in Delhi I fully plan on getting a Sari for the wedding, as well as a few traditional everyday outfits like a Salwar Kameez and some tunics.
I will obviously not look this fabulous but I will try!

I will obviously not be blogging on my trip so stay tuned after the New Year for full recaps of my trip!

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