Thursday, December 6, 2012


Even though the weather has been in the 70's this weekend, and will be in the 70's this weekend, I am definitely in the Holiday Spirit!

On Sunday, we decked the halls our house, finally. We got a tree last weekend and finally got around to getting the ornaments on it!

We got our tree at Home Depot (the parking lot) for a whopping $30. They had such great prices and a ton of options! Plus, the guys were super nice and helpful!
 It looks crazy lopsided but that's because they packaged the trimmings on that side. It's been nice decorating with them!

Ta da!! We have a mix of cheap red & gold ornaments we got at Target last year with some really special ones. Hand-me-downs from our parents, ones that we made last year with our friends (such a great idea, BTW!), and some we've been collecting.
 When I was home over Thanksgiving, my mom gave me a box she found in Granny's attic last year that had all these old vintage Shiny Brite glass ornaments. I picked out the striped ones (hand painted! The 50's were the BEST) and the pink & green ones. I thought grouping them in bowls looked cute, with fresh trimmings and berries from our yard (well, our neighbor's yard but who's counting?)

This is in our parlor...
And our mantle in the Parlor. I hung our stockings in between the cutest ornaments of the set. I strung them up with that cute Baker's twine I got from The Plaid Barn. I used a mix of pink and green baker's twine.
 I thought it looked pretty cute!
 More ornaments in bowls. This time in our dining room on the bar. The little bell ornaments are just the cutest!
 Tablescaping on our Dining Room table. Sandra Lee, watch out!
 After we decorated our house, I made my famous chili and went over to Kristen's to help her make decorations for a retirement party she was coordinating.

We made really cute table decorations: Cinnamon sticks with gold pinecones & greenery, frasier fir trimmings in a bouquet thing, tied with burlap, with gold pinecones, and then we stamped a zillion napkins and made a banner. It all turned out great!
 I also have been dressing Bowser in one of his 4 Christmas outfits (seriously he has 2 sweaters, one set of PJ's, and this Santa outfit) at least once a day. This is the NOT AMUSED Santa costume. I think it was meant for a cat, but he's so small that it totally works on his head. The beard really cracks me up.
 How could I have resisted? The hilarious thing is that the hood goes over his eyes more often than not, and he tries to run around in it and walks all sideways and in circles and such.

I am a bad person. It is all for the greater good thought...for the happiness of the people! Huzzah.

What have you been doing recently to get you in the mood for the Holidays? Decking halls? Spiked Egg Nog? Making Christmas Cards?

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