Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friendsgiving 2012

The weekend right before Thanksgiving, we hosted 20 people for a Friendsgiving party. It was so much fun! I used Evite to invite everyone, and requested that each person/couple bring a side or dessert. We had SO MUCH FOOD but it was great.

Our friends, Cam & Kristina, decided to visit that weekend, too! Once everyone was sitting down and eating, I felt so full of happiness about all of our new and old friends coming together to EAT! We had a blast! Here's a photo break-down:

Prepping. I made the Turkey (20 pounds! plus a 13 lb. Bojangles fried one), Kate's Pumpkin Rosemary Mac & Cheese, gravy, and helped Kristina with stuffing.

On the left are the giblets with some water & veggies to make the base of the gravy, and on the right is melted butter with fresh sage. I poured that on the turkey
 Made a mess allll day!
The turkey once I poured butter all over it!
The cheese sauce for the Mac & Cheese. MMMMMMMMM
The stuffing and mac ready to go in the oven!
Almost set up! We had our dining room table with 12 seats, and 2 smaller tables connected to that. It was a miracle that we all fit and had enough chairs!
The bar
Doing WORK
Our 20 pounder!
Kristen helped so much! She brought a ham and dessert!
OK so 3 plates of protein with 3 kinds of Gravy (traditional, and 2 vegan options) and cranberry jelly
Most of the desserts (Mary's insane salted chocolate cake, Katie's pumpkin pie, Landon's brownies, Eric's pumpkin Pie and Cranberry Clafouti)
Pumpkin Mac, Broccoli & rice casserole, asparagus...
Butternut squash salad from Meredith, green bean casserole from Ryan, Sweet Potato casserole from Jason & Melissa
Cheese biscuit/muffins from Mary, Trigonos from Jen, and Mashed potatoes from Katie & Ben!
Love our friends!
Connor & I gave a toast, thanking everyone for being our friends and for coming that night. Seriously we're blessed, y'all!
And seriously we all gained about 30 pounds that night!

After dinner & dishes, we turned on the JAMZ and hung out for a while. We had so much fun!

Have you ever had a Friendsgiving before?

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