Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surprise Birthday weekend!

This weekend was one of our friend & new neighbor's birthday! Her husband had coordinated her 2 BFF's from VA Beach to drive down on Friday to surprise her for the weekend and it was SO FUN to be in on it!

The night started out innocently enough with dinner at one of Charlotte's newest additions, the Peculiar Rabbit. We had a pretty good meal, and hope that it keeps working out the kinks!

I ordered the burger which came with a fried egg and bacon. It was just OK. There was a really bland sauce that came on top of it which really dulled the flavors. Unfortunate. Connor ordered the Fish & Chips which were excellent.
 After dinner, the girls were still on their way so we headed to Thomas Street Tavern. I loved how festive it was! They had their trees all decked out!
We played some Cornhole...that's Bryan mid-throw. He and I lost to Krishnan & Kristen
High school friends in Charlotte!
Kristen & Krishnan...the winners!
Thug life
Her friends ended up getting to Charlotte around 10 and totally surprised her! It was so much fun.

Saturday, I went to Meredith's house to bake cookies.

We made Peppermint Chocolate Chunk (recipe here)
 Traditional Sugar Cookies (recipe here)
 And Meredith's famous Buckeyes! (similar recipe)

Everything we made turned out great! After I got home and got over my sugar coma, C & I cleaned up around the house then got ready and headed over to Cantina for Kristen's birthday dinner. And yes, we made her wear the Sombrero. She was a good sport!
 I got the brisket & fish tacos with a chopped salad. I could not finish my meal...their portions are HUGE!
 After a fun dinner, we headed over to our friends house for a Deep Fry party. By the time we got there, the frying was already done (thank goodness!) so we just hung out around their fire and caught up. Melissa also showed us Wii dance. She killed it to Maniac!
 We then all headed out to Montford. First stop: Angry Ale's. I tried (unsuccessfully) to order the traditional Birthday shot for Kristen, but they didn't have the proper ingredients. Kristen, don't worry...I'll get you one soon!

We weren't really feeling Angry's so we headed to Andrew Blair's. AB's is now, apparently, El Camino. It was MUCH sketchier than normal, and absolutely packed!

The DJ was kinda douche-y but played some serious jams. This was when we were serenading 2 Chainz' Birthday Song to Kristen.
 And here is Alexa being stalked by some creeper in a tacky sweater. Love it!
When we were trying to leave, the DJ kept playing Britney, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc. I mean, he really was cranking out the songs of my childhood! It was hard to leave!

We had so much fun last weekend! Definitely still recovering!

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