Friday, February 15, 2013

Indian Adventure Day 2: The Wedding!

On the second day of the trip, we woke up and started getting ready for the wedding.

Breakfast of champions: Leftovers from the day before. Including Naan, butter chicken, some sort of lamb, and dal.

We dropped Cat off at the salon to get beautified and headed back to the apartment to get ourselves ready. We had to figure out how to get our Saris on!

Alex french-braiding Vanessa's hair

Our view out the apartment. The park was a surprise! Nice and lush.
My dad's cousin, Carol, and Alex
Vanessa & Pranay's mom doing their make-up!
Pranay's cousins, Shaheen & Yasmin, came over to help get us ready. Check out Vanessa's Mehndi!
The girls!
Us with the bridegroom
We got to the ISKCON Temple in the afternoon. ISKCON stands for International Society for Krishna Consciousness, most commonly known as those who chant the Hare Krishna.
Our colorful family!
The GORGEOUS bride. Look at her sari!!
California cousins! Love this fam.
Seriously, I couldn't get over how amazing her Sari was. The level of detail was incredible. It is all hand-embroidered.
They also gave her a serious Bump in her hair! Loved it!
And now some Glamour Shots By Deb...
Here is where the Ceremony was held. The wooden structure is called a Mandap.

This was the Pandit who led the ceremony. The swastika in the Indian culture is a very Auspicious symbol. You see it EVERYWHERE!
Each item placed on the table had a different meaning. Apples, honey, vermilion powder, turmeric, etc, is ALL a part of the ceremony. It was incredible!
Pranay getting fawned over by aunties and cousins. They were tying on his Sehra, which prevents him from becoming victim to "any bad looks or the Evil Eye".
Check out Cat's bangles. Traditionally, the bride wears them ALL for a YEAR! Without ever taking them off!
Seriously, everything was just so beautiful!
We escorted Cat in to sit with her groom. We sat down for about 2 hours for the entire ceremony.
There were so many parts and rituals that went along with the ceremony! I loved it all
Pranay pouring Ghee (clarified butter) into the ceremonial fire.
Near the end, we got up and placed puffed rice in C & P's hands, they then threw it in the fire and walked around it once. We repeated this 7 times.
Feeding each other sweets
Yay you're officially married!
Family blessing
Then all of the family members (who had been milling around, chatting, eating, laughing, taking pictures), get to ward off evil by throwing money over them and feeding them sweets.
We all took a walk up to the Temple after the ceremony
And then headed back to the Mandap for the couple to get blessed!
Pranay's whole family
After the ceremony was over, we all headed over to a huge convention center for the reception. I did not actually take any pictures (bad blogger) except this one of the flower petal decorations.

There was tons of food, and of course LOTS of fun dancing! The reception was like a night club!
After a long night, we headed back to the apartment and helped the aunties greet the newlyweds with one more tradition: Ghar Nu Laxmi. It is just an offering and prayer to Lakshmi, where there is a trail of mustard oil poured across the threshold into the house and the Bride is to knock over a bowl of rice with her right toe.

After the FINAL ritual was over, we helped Cat take out all her bobby pins and her bangles, and went to bed! I think we finally crashed around 2AM. What a day!

More recaps soon!


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