Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's weekend (#snOMG)

 We had quite a busy weekend! On Friday we headed over to Myers Park for a welcome dinner at one of Connor's partner's house. Two people just joined, and it was a really nice way to welcome them to the group. After dinner, we met up with Landon & Ryan at Thomas St. Tavern for a nightcap. It was great catching up with them!

Saturday we went to the grocery store with Kristen & Bryan to plan for our Fondue meal that evening. We were in and out really quick, and got home in time for Connor to watch the UVA basketball game (sadly, we lost to the Tarheels). It was a cold, icy-rain day so I happily snuggled up with Bowser and we watched a few episodes of Damages (new obsession, Glenn Close is a goddess!).

Then we prepped all of the veggies & meat, and watched the snow POUR down!

This was a progression of probably 30 minutes. Crazy!

I believe the Charlotte hashtag for this was #snOMG
It was so pretty! #snOMG
 We then packed up our stuff and drove the 3 blocks to Kristen & Bryan's.

Bowser did NOT like the snow. #snOMG!
 Loved the palm tree in their front yard covered in #snOMG!
 We got everything set up and then finally sat down to eat.

We wanted to follow the style of Melting Pot, so we started off with Cheese fondue (recipe here), served with Carrots, Broccoli, Apples, & French Bread. It was excellent.
 After the cheese course, Kristen & I got the broth/wine together for the meat course. We then hung out a bit and caught up. It was nice to let the cheese course settle a bit!

We found a Coq Au Vin recipe (here), and served steak (strip steaks), chicken, par-boiled potatoes, and the rest of the carrots & broccoli. We actually put the veggies in at the beginning to flavor the broth even more.
 We served 3 dipping sauces with the meat & veggies: Curry (recipe), Green Goddess (recipe), & Trader Joe's Gyoza sauce.
 After the meat course, we took another break. We played Farkle (a fun dice game) and relaxed.

More #snOMG pictures!
 Bowser joined us for the Chocolate course. He & Connor matched on purpose.
  Here is the recipe we used for the chocolate course. It was DELICIOUS.

We served store-bought pound cake, Kristen's homemade cake balls, chocolate espresso cookies, strawberries, and the apples. The strawberries were the best.

Bryan also opened a really nice bottle of Port that we shared. It was a really great complement to the dessert!
 After probably too much wine, we decided to take a family photo.
 The morning after! The #snOMG had already started to melt by the time I got up
 From Granny's garden to mine! Love this little guy

It was quite a weekend! We had so much fun at our Fondue night. I hope you can do one soon!



Leslie said...

What a fun weekend! The snow looks so pretty, and fondue is always fun. I need to make some soon!

HMC said...

Fondue is my absolute favorite, but I usually just do the cheese--so cool you did it like the Melting Pot!

California Wife said...

Yum! Fondue is my favorite!!!!

I can't believe that you guys got so much snow in Charlotte. It looks like fun though!

We're watching Damages season 4 right now, and I'm having a hard time getting into the storyline. Which season are you on?