Friday, March 8, 2013

Allergy Shots

I have been getting Allergy Shots since the beginning of November. I've been going 2x/week to get 1 shot in each of my upper arms. I am allergic to most things, apparently. When I went to get my skin prick test back in October, I reacted to almost everything: cockroaches (GROSS), dust mites, mold, and most trees & grass. As in no wonder I've been waking up miserable since I started College. They prescribed me with Singulair daily, plus they wanted me to start getting Allergy Shots/Immunotherapy.

Over the past few weeks, I've been bumped up to one of the last levels of shots. The way it works is that I get a custom "serum" of my allergens created and they start out with a really low concentration for a few weeks, then bump it up every few weeks. You go every 2-7 days until you reach your "maintenance" level. I'm almost there! But yesterday, after the shots have been going so well (except a few times recently when my arm swelled up), I started having a systemic reaction. 

I got my shot after work and was fine for about an hour and a half. Then I noticed the back of my neck was kind of itchy. I was in Target and picked up some Benedryl cream and Allegra (because I took my last one the day before). When I got home, I checked in the mirror what was going on with my neck, and then I noticed that it was red & swollen. I looked elsewhere {you know what I mean} and I had hives everywhere! I obviously started freaking out, talked to Connor's dad (thanks goodness my Dr. is in town!) and had Connor run to CVS at the top of our street at get me Benedryl.

It was so scary! My eyes even started to swell up. The Benedryl worked pretty quickly, and the itching/swelling went down. This has never happened to me before so I definitely freaked out. I'm a little woozy/tired from the Benedryl still this morning, but I assume it'll get out of my system soon enough.

Has this ever happened to you? How did you react?


Virginia Belle said...

Oh no! You had such a scary afternoon. I got hives once after tennis practice in high school (still don't know what caused them) and it was so so scary. I hope you're feeling better today :)

The Mrs said...

I'm on allergy shots too--my third round. I'm to the maintenance phase--finally! It took me forever to get here because I kept having reactions like you. One was so bad I had to leave work, go to Urgent Care and get a shot! I was going into anaphylactic shock. SCARY! But, now I know the warning signs and take benadryl right away. I've blogged about my shots too.

We are both in CLT. Who is your doctor?