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Cville weekend + guest room update!

{Well this is frustrating...I had this whole post written and then I tried to change one thing, and POOF! the whole thing disappeared. Let's try this again}

Friday, we headed to Cville. On the way, we stopped for dinner at Dr. Ho's Humble Pie in North Garden (11 miles from town). We ordered the Humble pizza, which was pepperoni, italian sausage, green peppers, and caramelized onions. The crust was just PERFECTION. It was cooked just the way I like it...very...crusty!
 We then headed to my parent's house where I got ready and went downtown to meet my Sister & Karah. I don't have any pictures of that night, but I only stayed for a drink at Commonwealth's Skybar. The "scene" was pretty weird, and it was packed so I had a Bud Light and went home (I'm classy). 

Saturday we got up and met my Dad's friend, who is also our Wedding Ceremony Officiant, at Blue Grass for breakfast. This place is THE BEST. We went early enough to avoid a line, but it still took a while for our food to come out. It was fine though, we had lots to talk about! We went through our ceremony, the readings, what we each liked & disliked about some I found online, etc. It was a really good chat.
We also talked about their trips to the Caribbean over the years. My family is trying to figure out an Island to pick for Christmas break, and he & his wife have been all over. They just got back from a fab trip to St. Thomas and we're leaning towards there. They're also taking a trip to Paris in April, and I am SO jealous! They're renting an apartment on the Seine in the heart of the city. Love that they travel so much!

Anyways, here's what I ordered. It was black bean cakes over english muffin (I didn't end up eating, it was so much!) with 2 poached eggs, salsa, and AWESOME potatoes. My kinda breakfast! Connor ordered the blintzes, which were just fabulous. He also got a biscuit sandwich (they're famous for the biscuits!). We really enjoyed our meal.
After breakfast, we headed to our jeweler to pick out wedding bands. We've been going to Andrew Minton Jewelers for a few years now. Connor had a ring made from one my Mom wears for my birthday a few years back, and they were great to work with. It also helped that we know the owner's step-son! Connor also had my engagement ring made through them, so obviously we love using them. Connor picked out a very simple Palladium ring, which he picked because it is very similar to Platinum in that the Patina over time becomes very similar. (My ring is set in Platinum) We left my engagement ring with them to get a band custom-made to match. It looks exactly like Platinum at a fraction of the price! My ring will take about 3 weeks to make. It's crazy weird not having it! I am instead wearing my mom's faux-gagement ring (her first one got lost so she got a cool tourmaline replacement) in the meantime.

After stopping by the jewelers, we drove around looking at neighborhoods. We always love driving around Charlottesville! There are so many different looking houses depending on the neighborhood. We were just killing time before we went to see my Granny. We actually bumped into my aunt and her mother visiting Granny at the same time! It was great seeing them! My Granny is in a great little "home" right in the heart of UVA. She's got a pretty good-sized room, and she's got it crammed full with old & new photos, and some furniture she used to have. And she always has it decorated for any upcoming holiday!

We then headed over to meet Karah at Little John's, our FAVORITE deli in town! It is open 24 hours so we have gone there many times for "late night" as well as after games. We hadn't been in quite a while so it was awesome getting to go!

Connor's in his happy place with his Wild Turkey
 I generally order either the Nuclear or the Chipolte Chicken Sub, and this time I got the Nuclear. Whooooo-Boy was it good!
 Connor left me with Karah and he headed back to hang out with Bowser and to relax, while we went shopping. We walked to Duo, a cute shop on the Corner that has Consignment items upstairs & new clothes downstairs. Karah found a fab leopard dress and a "heart of the ocean"-sized necklace. We then met my sister at our friend Lizzie's new store downtown called Darling. It is a "current clothing consignment boutique", and it is THE MOST FABULOUS STORE. Lizzie has the BEST eye for decorating (it feels like home), and has amazing clothing taste. I used to work with her at Alumni Hall at UVA, and she is so sweet! If you live in Cville, GO TO HER STORE.

When I got home, my Mom, Connor & I got to crafting for the wedding! I won't be sharing any more crafting projects until after the wedding, so that some elements are a surprise to our guests :)

We then relaxed and caught up before meeting my aunt, Karah, sister, and brother-in-law for dinner downtown. We wanted to try Citizen Burger, but there was a 40-minute wait. We popped into a few other places, and luckily Commonwealth had a table for 8 ready to go! There was an hour wait for every other table, except the 8-top they had ready. We really lucked out.

Here's Karah's drink, called Sparkles & Glitter, which she ordered just because of the name. It had edible glitter on top!
 They have a fabulous selection of cheese and charcuterie. We tried the Duck Salami, the Local Cured Ham, a blue cheese, a really soft cheese, and an aged Italian goat cheese. It was all fabulous, and came with little toasts, marcona almonds, raw honey, apricot paste, & a spicy spread. YUM!
 I ordered the Pork Osso Bucco, which came with potatoes & braised beets. It was incredible! Connor & Doran got the Skirt Steak, Karah got the Polenta with Chimichurri, Brandon got the Duck or Wild Boar (?), Leah got a salad & Scallops, and Mom got a Salad and a bite of everyone's dish! We had a great meal
 After dinner, I met up with Era at the Tea House. She's going to hear back from the Hospitals she interviewed with for her RESIDENCY in 2 weeks! EEEEE! I can't believe she's gone through almost 4 years of Med School already! I feel worthless...

I then met back up with Connor, Doran, Brandon, & Karah at the Whiskey Jar. It's a great little place at the end of the mall where Escafe used to be. The bartenders were all dressed in plaid shirts, obvi, and it was packed! It was a great night, yet again.

Sunday we got up and I worked with my mom on figuring out our Christmas plans. Tropical island hunting is REALLY fun! We looked at a bunch of places and were shocked with how expensive they are! Literally the price DOUBLES over the Holidays. Crazy!

Connor & I packed up the car and headed to Bodo's for a last meal before our drive. It was a gorgeous morning! We each got a bagel with cream cheese, and a turkey bagel for the road.
 I also took lots of pictures of Bowser sleeping on my lap. He's ridiculous!
 When we got home, we got to CLEANING! My dear friend Meredith is throwing us a Couples Shower/Engagement Party on Saturday at our house (since it's big enough to accommodate everyone!), so it needs to be in pristine condition.

I finished a few projects and we purged lots of stuff! We have a trip to Goodwill to make :)

Here's one little project I did. I was looking through our books and came across an old Lilly agenda from 2005. I didn't want to throw it away so I cut out the beautiful art and framed it! I already had this frame from a poorly-completed project, so I was happy to finally finish it!
I also found a few too many pictures of my one obsession in High School, Travis Watson. These were from the 2003 season! Why I still had it, I have no idea.
Here's the finished product of an Ikea Hack we worked on for our office/3rd bedroom. It's a little ghetto but it works. Basically we pieced 2 Billy Bookshelves together with extra strips of wood to make it look like 1 bookshelf. It turned out OK.

I put some decals on the back of it that I found at Target. The walls, as you can tell, are a light green, and the colors of my old college duvet (peach, lime, turquoise, & blue), match perfectly to the decals! I turned this space into a Lilly-themed paradise! The bottom shelf displays my wedding magazines, with the Southern Weddings highlighted. The top right framed piece is a Kate Spade postcard that came with something I got. I've kept it on my vanity and thought it deserved a real frame. It says "She is quick and curious and playful and strong". My favorite quote!

I did another cool project with an old Lilly agenda: cut out Months and frame it! I think it turned out pretty well.

Obviously I have a thing for Lilly decor. It's just so cute!

I'm so excited for our party this dress came in the mail last night! Holla!


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