Monday, March 11, 2013

Engagement Party

On Saturday, my lovely friends hosted an Engagement Party at our house. One of my bridesmaid's, Meredith, organized the shindig and had Kristen & Mary help out. It was a blast!

From start to finish, it was SO us! Even the invitation was perfect: bubbly!

Our party was the reason Connor's parents came to town. They came up on Wednesday night and stayed until yesterday. They worked the whole time! They mulched our front & back yard, repaired one of our front porch columns, and helped us clean and tidy for the party. Our house was SPOTLESS by the time our guests came over!

My co-worked stopped by a little early to drop off the flowers below. They are made by a friend of hers who grows them. They were beautiful! You can also see Meredith working hard on Sangria!

 Kristen helped set-up as well, and made the cutest cupcakes and banners!
 Meredith's card was the greatest!
 Putting our cornhole set to good use
 Hanging one of the banners
We lucked out with the weather, and were able to be outside the whole time with the doors wide open! It was in the mid-60's and sunny. Perfection!

You can see how adorable everything was. So colorful and fun!
 Kristen made two kinds of cupcakes, and the flags as well!
 She and Bryan also made the lemonade. Meredith made a REALLY yummy white wine sangria with sparkling lemonade and apples. It was dangerous!
 Who can resist paper straws!
 I put together the other arrangements. I didn't realize how perfectly matched the white & blue hydrangeas were going to be with the party!
 Meredith made mini quiches, fruit salad with lemon curd, and AWESOME mini peanut butter/chocolate tarts from Sprouted Kitchen. She also picked up our favorite pulled pork from Midwood Smokehouse. Mary made the deviled eggs. Everything was SO delicious!
 How cute is Kristen's banner? We still have it hanging up
 The party was also a good time to display our engagement pictures that I hadn't put out yet. Whoops!
 Here's Bowser being the life of the party
After we were all catching up for a bit, Kristen & Bryan organized a little trivia game of 2 Truths & A  Lie. Connor & I sent them little facts about our relationship, etc separately, and they put them together into a game. It was so fun!
 Always telling stories!
 Some of these were quite embarassing...
 It was so nice that everyone played along!
 After people started leaving, it was time for pictures with our hosts! Mere, THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting it all together. It was just the best day!
 In case you were wondering, my dress is Taylor, from Belk. The back had a cute little exposed section and an exposed zipper. It also has pockets, duh. Earrings are from my friend's store in Cville, Darling!
Meredith's is from J. Crew!
 My man
 Our friends & neighbors, K & B!
 Kristen had her friend Alexa make us painted champagne glasses. They are SO CUTE!
 It says Mr.  Childress on his and Mrs. Childress on mine. Plus the date.
 Us with Mere & Casey!
 My future Father-in-Law!
 They didn't model very well, that's OK!
 Connor & his mom. Love this pic!
My other family! They were so wonderful to help us get our house ready
 Us with Mary!
 My girls. Y'all are just the best!!
 And of course me & Bowser. We matched on purpose.
 Love my little family
Landon! My oldest friend at the party
 We go wayyyyy back
 And our photographer/neighbor. Thanks for taking the pictures, Eric!!

It was an overwhelming experience, that everyone came out from my work, Connor's work, and our friends, to hang out and celebrate with us. We are so honored that everyone came! We had the BEST time! Thank you all so much.



Leslie said...

What a fun shower! I love your dress too. Congratulations. :)

Virginia Belle said...

It looks like you had a fabulous party. I love the pictures of you and Connor. Definite framers!