Monday, March 18, 2013

Luck 'o the Irish

 Well it was a big weekend! With Connor being out of town, I tried my best to fill my time.

Thursday night I met my girlfriends at Neiman Marcus' launch party of CUSP. It is the new contemporary part of the store. The layout of the store didn't seem different at all, so who knows. It was a lot of fun! They had a fashion show with the latest trends, cocktails, and, of course, lots of shopping! Meredith picked up a FAB DVF dress and Mary got a great striped jacket and an awesome highlighter-yellow top that I could not pull off. It was a great night!
 I spent Friday evening with Kristen & Bryan. We got takeout from Deejai Thai (Drunken Noodles are SO good!) and watched NBC's Thursday line-up (Parks & Rec, Office, Community). Our boys played a lot!
Saturday I woke up bright & early and went over to Mary's house. We rode over to the USNWC together with our pups for the 5K. She is registered for the Bridge Run so she wanted to use this race as a training. She did so well!!

We got there around 8:30 and set up blankets right on the water. It was a GORGEOUS morning! I was in shorts & a t-shirt at 8AM.
Kristen & I stayed behind with 4 dogs while our friends ran.
Boston Terrier Selfie
 Here's Beckett, Alexa's dog
 Here's Landon in a dress. He lost a bet.
(sorry I'm not sorry I'm posting this)
 11:30 AM with a tall boy in hand? Yes please. Erin Go Bragh
By noon it was getting pretty crowded! It was also about 70 out and kinda windy but it was just gorgeous!
 Bowser was in heaven
Our neighbor Eric with Bowser
At 1:00 on the nose they dyed the water green. I thought it was going to be a dark green but it was ELECTRIC green!
 Some of the staff came out when it was turning. It was great being front row to it!
 Meredith & her sweet dog Riley
 Me & my best boy
 Riley stole my cool glasses
Doesn't it look like Mountain Dew or something?
 After a big day, we all headed home and took naps to rest up for that night. Bowser & I are making our way through Vampire Diaries. We're already on Season 2 (guilty!)

I made some Slow Cooker Spinach Dip (outta control, y'all) and headed over to Kristen & Bryan's for their St. Patty's day party. We started off the night with a round of cards: @$$hole. President gets to wear the cool glasses, natch.
 Alexa showed off this App that moved lips when you talked. It was hilarious!
 President changing hands!
 Kristen made these awesome layered Irish Flag Jell-o Shots. She's crazy talented at things like this!
 Eric brought some MD 2020. Sad Dog.
 And of course there were Car Bombs!
 And I found these on my phone the next morning. Bathroom Selfies! Loved my little headband

It was quite an evening. Lots of fun!! I "snuck" away around 1:30 (though everyone said they saw me leave, I'm a bad ninja). Luckily I live 3 blocks from their house so it was a nice night to walk!

The next morning afternoon, I met up with people at Flying Biscuit for breakfast. There were tons of people there and I got there late so I ended up having to get my food to go. Womp Womp. Luckily the biscuit redeemed the whole experience!

I then ran some errands (super secret wedding stuff!) and went home to change and pick up Bowser. We headed over to Meredith's boyfriend's townhouse in South End to sit out on his rooftop patio. Bowser was already lounging before we even got there!
 It was a gorgeous afternoon, I'm so glad I was outside for most of it!

When we got back, we were kinda tired. We watched more Vampire Diaries waiting for Connor/Papa to come home. His flight got in at 7:30
We got take-out from 88 China Bistro (the best Chinese place we've found...everything's super fresh!) and were in bed by 9.

Here's a sneak peek at Connor's Bachelor festivities. Silly shirt courtesy of Wal-Mart and I sent them those glasses!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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