Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wedding updates/Brain Dump

Here's a list of things that will hopefully get done in the next few weeks!

  • Going to my first dress fitting tonight. I'm not sure how that's going to go. Am I supposed to bring my shoes? I feel really unprepared for this...
  • I have been engagement ring-less for 2.5 weeks! It is at the jeweler in NY because they're matching it to my band! Hopefully they will send it soon
The mold is a really plain metal, so that's why it looks so dull. They're doing channel-set diamonds with the mill grain edge to match the vintage look of my ring, in Platinum. It's going to be as thin as they can get it! EEEE I can't WAIT to see it! Connor is going with a plain 5 mm Palladium band that will wear just like Platinum. We are engraving each other's band which will be a surprise until our wedding day. What should I put for his?
  •  My Bridal Shower is next weekend! My sister is putting it together and I can't wait to see my Cville people there! I will be going dress shopping this weekend for it!

Hoping I get lucky at the Lilly store and can find SOMETHING to wear :)

  • We went to Frugal MacDoogal's about a month ago in SC. We got 6 Liter bottles each of Vodka (Smirnoff), Whiskey (Maker's Mark, duh), and Sauza Silver (Tequila). Think that's enough? We also got 6 cases of wine and 2 cases of Champagne, and will pick up beer the week of our wedding so it's fresh!
  • I was in Old Navy the other week returning some Honeymoon dresses I got online....
 (Y'all. This dress. So comfy and SUPER flattering! Wore it to St. Patty's!)

AAAaaaaaanyways. I couldn't help but browse in the kid's section. They had a display of Easter dresses all in varying shades of Coral! I purchased 3 of them for Connor's Niece, and ended up returning 2 of them. I'm glad I was able to pick one! How cute are they??
I kept one of the cardigans and the MINI GOLD SANDALS! I mean. I just couldn't pass that up. Now we just need to find her a tiny hat to go along with it!

  • Here is a close-up of the adorable champagne glasses Kristen's friend made. I'm trying to convince her to open an Etsy store...will post that if it happens!

  • Our RSVP's keep rolling in! (Thank you!!) Here's the updated count:
Yes: 97
No: 14
Haven't heard:  79

Our RSVP date was a little on the early side, so hopefully people keep sending in the postcards!
(Our friend Ryan sent in this hilarious one!)
  • Besides shopping for ME this weekend, we need to get Connor's suit! We're going with Navy. Hoping we find one!
  • Also, since the weather isn't going to be great this weekend, I've got some DIY projects to tackle. Namely a very non-wedding related but very important one: House numbers! I'm going to paint them onto the new column Connor's Dad made when he was here.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I will hopefully be very productive!



megan said...

Yes, definitely bring your shoes! I would bring your veil also if you have it! Your first fitting will be so fun because it's actually YOUR dress and not a sample! LOVE the Sandrine dress!!

megan (girl by the lake) said...

Now this is the part of wedding planning I could get on board with! Dress shopping. Flower girl shopping! (too cute, btw)

Glad to see everything is coming together! (and I love Sandrine Lilly dress. I think that would look great on you!