Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bachelorette weekend in Charleston

Y'all. I have the BEST friends ever! We did it up last weekend in Charleston for my bachelorette party. There were 10 of us who went and we had the best time. Here's a breakdown of the weekend.

On Thursday, Doran, Karah & Bekkah drove down to Charlotte from Charlottesville to break up the drive. It was nice having house guests (though our house was a disaster from Taste of the Nation stuff!). We took them to Mert's for dinner and they loved it. If you haven't been you're missing out!

The famous cornbread
 Fried chicken, insane Mac & Cheese, & collards

We went to J. Major's to visit my dress in the morning. It was the first time Bekkah & Karah had seen it on me so it was fun showing it off! We also hit up JT Posh and I got a really cute dress for that night.

We had a few stops on our road trip, Frugal MacDoogal's being first
 And drinking a summer shandy in the BP parking lot!
 When we finally got to Charleston, my first requirement was eating lunch at East Bay Deli! I used to eat here on a weekly basis in college. Get the Carolina with honey mustard!!
 We stayed at the Hampton Inn right by Marion Square. Highly recommend this hotel! 9 of us shared 2 rooms. I slept on the pull out couch.

Connor sent me with 3 presents to open at different points through the weekend. My first present was PreToxx pills for preventing a hangover. Can I tell you about these? THEY WORK. (please excuse the scary face, I was just so excited for presents!)
 We threw our swimsuits on and hit the pool. We knew that it would be our only day of sunshine. Unfortunately there was a major storm headed our way and we only got like 30 minutes of sun.
After pool time (and a few Skinny Girl Margaritas!) we got ready for dinner.
Here Karah & I posed with a stripper cute cop. He actually lives across the street from an old friend from college! And please excuse the pregnant-looking pose. I HAD to show you how cute the dress is! It was a weird angle....maybe
Lara's boyfriend works at the Wild Olive on John's Island and Lara worked with the chef to come up with an AWESOME menu for the 10 of us. She even brought the perfect wines to pair with the meal. It was an OUTSTANDING meal. We drove through a monsoon to get to the Wild Olive but let me tell you...it was WORTH IT!

Snacks from the kitchen: Crispy calamari with marinara, garlic aioli, lemon, parsley
Bruschetta with rapini, purple cape beans, chile flake, garlic, pecorino sardo
House cured salumi (as in like Duck, Venison, Wild Boar....YES) with mozzarella, caponata, chicken liver rustica crostini
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese with ground pork and veal, parmesan, white wine, milk, tomato
Ricotta gnocchi with marinara, mozzarella, basil. OK Y'all. THIS GNOCCHI. I mean I can't even describe how perfect it was. I couldn't get enough! What I loved about this place is that everything was made in house. YES PLEASE
We sat at the awesome community table and had a ball. It was such a great night!
After our plates were cleared, something SPECIAL was brought out...
Yes. It is exactly what you think it is. Lara's friend baked it! It was HYSTERICAL
Everyone got into the fun

After we made lots of friends with the special cake, we made our way back downtown and got in bed. How cute are Meredith & Kristen all snuggled up? Not sure why I took this picture but I'm sure the wine had something to do with it...
The next morning I felt pretty good! Thanks PreToxx!!

Karah gave me a special badge, "I ride bareback". I wore it all weekend
We walked to Kudu for some caffeine and then to Virginia's for brunch. We sat upstairs at a big table and the bottomless mimosas started flowing.

I got the quiche of the day. It was great!
 Connor got us bachelorette koozies for my Saturday AM gift. He knows me so well...

The girls! Love this pic!
After a great brunch, we divided & conquered. Most of us went to go get our nails done. I got a great hot pink color for the evening's colorful festivities!
Kristina & I were done early so we headed over to CVS to pick up a few things, and then headed to Mellow Mushroom. Lara met us for a few beers and pretzels
 Then we headed up King Street towards Forever 21. Charleston has the biggest & best one! Love pretending like I'm 17!
 I got a really cute belt that I needed for that night, and I'm so glad I got something otherwise I never would have seen these cute makeup bags in the impulse-buy aisle! Seriously, Boston Terrier-patterned anything? SOLD.
 After that we went to the old Vickery's (now a place called Leaf) for a beer. Gotta put that koozie to good use!

We met everyone back at Yo Burrito, my favorite place in the world, at 5:00. We got mason jar margaritas and lots of queso, guac, & salsa! It tasted like college
 Some of us headed back to the hotel to rest up a bit before our big night out. We had so much fun getting ready together!

My one Bridezilla requirement for the weekend was WIGS. I thought if we all had colorful wigs on it would be so much fun...and it was!
I mean seriously? Everyone looked AMAZING in their wigs!
I mean....I can't even. We looked FABULOUS! And it was great because no one got lost!
 We had  BIG BIG night on the town. We hit up Wet Willies and then some other random bars on East Bay. The last bar is where I made my Tambourine debut...
It was the best thing EVER. I "dropped a tam beat" to Adele's Rolling In The Deep. I had so much fun! The video is on FB....

After my big moment, we headed back to the hotel. I of course love playing paparazzi and took these hilarious pics:
All of my stuff
Late night cravings
Kristina passed out like this, it was so cute!
The next morning, we got up and said goodbye to the girls who had to drive back to VA & ATL.

Mary, Meredith, Kristen, Lara, & I headed to High Cotton for a classy brunch. Yes, I wore my jacket with the Bareback pin. And my Bride To Be pin that lights up.

We got donut holes with bacon glaze for the table and then I got the Fried Oyster Florentine. I ate about 1/4 of this and then was immediately full. It was so rich! But delicious
Lara had to head back home to catch up on her life (she was out of town that whole week in NYC documenting the International Olive Oil Competition). The rest of us took a much needed walk around the battery before we said farewell to my favorite city.

It was a wild weekend and it was just PERFECTION. I enjoyed every minute of it with my besties!


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