Friday, April 12, 2013

Bridal Shower

{Sorry for the delay in writing this. My auction is next week and I have been inundated with STUFF TO DO. Imagine that. Raising $100k doesn't happen overnight}
My sister & mother coordinated my Bridal Shower over Easter weekend in Charlottesville. I had gone up a day early to knock out my vendor meetings, and was staying at my aunt's house so my mom could get her house ready and it would be a total surprise to me. She went ALL out!
 How adorable are the pinwheels? The weather was GLORIOUS
Mom saved an old chalkboard of my Granny's and had my aunt do our logo. Those fabulous bows are from my sister's wedding!
 How cute is the table? The favors were little potted pansies with the wedding date written on the terracotta. Adorable! And all of those daffodils came from my Mom's yard. She has a whole hill full of 'em (#jealous)
My aunt put together the arrangements and they were so cool. She even used the floral tissue paper to give it more texture
I was so overwhelmed when I walked in! It was all so colorful and adorable!
 And of course my mother dug up an old picture of me in the wedding dress I asked for at Christmas when I was 4. I've always been about priorities, no? (Apparently I wasn't the only one who just wanted to be a bride when they were 4. Thanks for sharing yours, Kate!)
My mother also put together a really sweet collage of all my "people"!
 Once everyone arrived, we had a really delicious lunch. On the menu: Zazus' tarragon chicken salad (my fave!) with croissants, and Ina's Orzo with roasted veggies (also my fave! They know me so well)

After lunch, we all sat in the living room and played a little game and then I sat awkwardly in a tiara while I opened presents. I don't really love being center of attention, but sometimes you just gotta roll with it...{mimosas helped}
My girlfriends + my mom's girlfriend (who have been playing bridge for 40 years!)
 Bekkah (who helped with the Invites), Karah (Doran's BFF from HS), & Era (who's moving to San Fran in June for her RESIDENCY #bigballer)
We had so much fun!
Connor's mother & my aunt. I was so touched that she came over for the afternoon!  
Oh, and I made some funny faces that my sister so expertly captured

This face: YAY bread platter! I love me a good platter
 This face: Gimme that spoon rest
I was super excited over this because my aunt went and found Lilly wrapping paper. ADORBS
I was then SO EXCITED that my Kitchen Aid was inside! Holla
Once I had made my way through the GENEROUS pile of gifts, I was presented with some Dirt Cake! I'm obsessed. My mom cut out little rounds of pound cake and put that on the bottom of a plastic pot, scooped mint chocolate chip ice cream on top and then crumbled chocolate cookies + gummy worms, and a flower to tie it all in together. Seriously, this woman KNOWS me.
 And then of course, it was time for pictures!
Mom & Aunt Catherine (from Richmond)
 Karah, my other sister
 Mom, Doran, & Karah
 Aunt Leah who lives in Cville!
 With Aunt Susan who lives in Fredericksburg
  I had so much fun! Thank you to EVERYONE for all of the hard work & time you put into throwing the most fabulous shower. I love you!


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