Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY Friday: All of the projects I signed myself up for

So it looks like it's going to rain again here in Charlotte, so this is the perfect weekend to get more DIY wedding projects done! Our wedding countdown is 29 days as of today. I had a minor panic attack yesterday when I realized it was 30 days. For some reason, being under the 30-day mark is frightening!
My friend Kristen and I went through all of the little details that I still need to do so here is yet another list to scare any of you bride-to-be's! (cue eye roll)
  • Paint cornhole boards
  • Paint ringbearer box
  • Paint easel & create Ceremony signage (not making programs)
  • Old pictures of M & C
  • Old pictures of family
  • Window frames: what to do with the 2 I've collected
  • Card Box (Going to Sleepy Poet tomorrow)
  • Music (This is the hardest thing to decide on!)
  • Finalize ceremony readings & outline (dragging our heels on this)
  • Groomsmen gifts
  • Cake cutting instruments
  •  Welcome Bag snacks & itinerary (luckily Mom's helping with that, she got the Welcome to VA stuff)
  • Jars for flower arrangements (saving $5/arrangement on rentals)
  • Order rehearsal dinner flowers
  • Buy white ceramic pitchers for rehearsal dinner arrangements
  • Create signage for
    • Bathrooms
    • Ceremony
    • Reception
    • Games
    • Special surprise
    • Food
    • His/Hers drinks 
    • VIP/Reserved tables?
    • Bride/Groom?
 We've gotten a lot of other stuff done so I'm not feeling too overwhelmed but I know there is still a good amount of stuff that needs to get done this weekend. I'm hoping to knock out at least half of this list!
I hope y'all enjoy the weekend!


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