Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Style isn't just about what you wear, it's about how you live

When I heard that Lilly Pulitzer died on Sunday, I was so sad. I know she lived a full, long life and she left quite a legacy behind. I have had a love affair with Lilly since I was 13. My mother & grandmother used to buy fabric at the store in Florida and made place mats, ties & wrap skirts from them. My mom let me wear her floor-length wrap skirt for the athletic awards banquet when I was a sophomore and I was hooked. The only thing I wanted when I turned 16 was a Lilly, so my Mom & I went to pick one out together. It was the strapless style that tied in the back. I was OBSESSED.
And ever since then, I've gotten a Lilly on my birthday (and in between, obviously!). I wish I still fit into my first one, but will save it for my future kiddos.

Here are some of my favorite looks over the years...

Here's my first Lilly at my first Carolina Cup. Yes, that hat has a chin strap on it!
 Berry Dorm pre-gaming
 Trophy Wives & Loaded Guys date function with my Bigs!
 Foxfield with my Sister!
 Lilly again at Carolina Cup
 The patchwork Lilly I got for my 18th Hilton Head!
Found this one at a consignment store in Charlottesville. Wearing it today actually!
 Got this one last summer during a Rue La La sale
Got this one at the same sale  
Also got this at a Rue sale

 Found this one at our Belk sale 3 years ago
  A Murfee in India!
 Newest my Bridal Shower!
As you can tell, I have a long history with Lilly. I have been wearing LP all week in celebration of her life! Rip Lilly.


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