Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wedding goodies

I will be back shortly to talk all about my Bridal Shower over the weekend (need to get some pictures!) but I will show you some awesome things my family gave me and prove that I use them at home!

My Aunts got me my Kitchen Aid 5-Qt. Artisan Stand Mixer in Silver Metallic (squeee! I can make EVERYTHING now) for a Shower gift and I broke it in last night.

 I decided I was going to make bread last night around 6:00. I knew it was going to take a few hours to rise, etc, but I kinda just went with it. Luckily I picked up yeast at the store after work so I already had all the ingredients on hand (flour, milk, honey, yeast, salt, oil).

I followed this recipe for Whole Wheat bread from the Kitchn. It turned out pretty well! Since this was my first time ever making bread, I was pretty happy with the results.

This was after I kneaded it in the Mixer and then let it rise for an hour and a half (while we took Bowser on a walk...70 degrees at 7PM what WHATTTT). I separated the dough into 2 balls and let that rest while we ate dinner.
 I then put those into the loaf pans (2 different sizes, so that's why they both look so different) and baked for 35 minutes! They turned out great, and we had a nice yummy snack of bread + honey at bedtime.

I want to make pretzels this weekend with Connor...I'll let you know how those turn out!
Another fabulous item we received was the Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker from my parents. I've only used it twice but I'm obsessed. I am a coffee snob and now will become an espresso snob! This machine is incredible and easy to use! I need some serious help with my Latte art though...

Lastly, we received my Aunt's silver (seriously OMG!!!) You can see the gorgeous fork on the left. It is Fairfax by Gorham and it is so simple & in perfect condition. There are H's monogrammed on most of it (from her great aunt with the last name Harris). We have service for between 12 & 16 so I think we're set :)

We also love our new Aspen dinnerware (displaying our Easter dinner)! Simple and the perfect size/weight.

What has been your favorite Wedding gift? What did you first make when you got a Stand mixer?



Leslie said...

What fun new goodies! Your bread looks great, and pretzels sound amazing. :)

California Wife said...

Yay, it's so fun once the wedding gifts start to arrive. I think my favorite gift was definitely our stand mixer. I still get excited every time I get to use it. I can't wait to see some of your shower pics!