Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: HONEYMOON!

So we're getting married in 31 days. Details.

BUT we're going on a 10-day honeymoon to St. Martin in 34 days! I am honestly more excited for that right now than the wedding. Rude, I know. We just need a VACATION.

How we decided on St. Martin was a long process. Our first requirement was a short, direct flight from Charlotte. We talked to a bunch of people who suggested Anguilla so we thought we were going to stay at Cap Juluca. Then we did a ton of research, decided we didn't want to be locked in to a resort for 10 days, and decided on renting an apartment so we had FREEDOM to move around the island. That's when we realized Anguilla basically only has resorts, and we focused on St. Martin.

St. Martin has a ton of restaurants, shopping, beaches, nightlife, and activities. There are a lot of apartments, complexes, resorts, B&B's, etc so it was pretty easy finding a place to stay. We used VRBO to book, and it was simple.

The island is governed by both the French (north half) and the Dutch (south half). We decided to split our time evenly between each side(5 days each), because each has a lot to offer. We will be renting a car so it will be easy to go around the island.

Our first 5 days will be at a 2-bedroom apartment with a big pool in Cupecoy. We have a little private beach right in front of our apartment. Baller status.
Our side patio with a grill! We'll probably be grilling lobster on the daily.
Fabulous gourmet kitchen
The second half of our trip will be spent in Cul-de-Sac Bay right by Pinel Island. This is on the French side and our little apartment comes with 2 kayaks for us to explore Pinel. It is a tiny island that has 3 restaurants that serve you in beach chairs ALL DAY LONG. The tourists have to leave at 6PM so the people who can swim/kayak there can stay and watch the sunset. Seriously. We will most likely be doing that every day.
Not as nice of a pool, but a pool regardless.
Pinel Island is to the right. There is also a little private beach for us to lay out on.

We're pretty independent people and we love to cook so not being able to get in the kitchen for 10 days when there's fresh fish & seafood right outside would have been impossible to pass up. It's going to be so much fun using the fresh ingredients St. Martin has to offer!

We can't wait!



Nikki said...

Sounds like an amazing honeymoon location!

Ruth said...

Sounds amazing.