Monday, May 13, 2013

Weather obsessed

So I generally am a little weather-obsessed in normal life. For example, every morning when I'm waking up, I look at the hourly weather in Charlotte, and maybe in Charlottesville, Charleston or St. Martin. Just to see what's up. Once the month of May hit (OMG), I started looking at the month-of forecast for Charlottesville. Since we are having an outdoor ceremony in the end of May in Virginia, I know that there's a strong chance it will rain that day. But it would be nice to know if we need umbrellas or sunglasses at our wedding!

I looked at the Farmer's Almanac, and was a little bummed to see that May 20-27 will be cool and possibly rainy. But there's nothing I can do so I'll just wait it out.

I also checked Weather Underground, and next week is looking kinda perfect. So we'll see, I guess! I mean, Thursday the 23rd says high of 76 and sunny. That's as far as the forecast goes!

Until May 25th, I will be checking the weather report on various websites obsessively. Because I'm crazy like that.

What were your obsessions the last few weeks before your wedding?



Leslie said...

I'm sure the weather will be okay. It seems that the weather predictions are always a little off, so I wouldn't worry. Also, I've seen some adorable wedding pictures in the rain, so it could end up being a good thing! Right before my wedding, I was obsessed with all the little details, which way the programs were facing, etc. It's a lot of stress!

HMC said...

I would totally do the same thing--I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!