Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: 10 days until I'm a Mrs.!

This is the final countdown, y'all. I had a mini panic attack when the countdown went from 3 digits to 2 digits, and I bet you can guess how I'm feeling now that tomorrow will be the single digit countdown. BREATHE.

When you decide to have a long engagement, it kinda seems like your wedding won't happen ever. Because 500-something days is a LONG freaking time. It is a long time, especially when you get the big stuff checked off your list like 2 months in. And then you're like NOW WHAT? With Pinterest and blogs being unavoidably everywhere, I couldn't make a damn decision about any small details, so I did what normal people do: I buried my head in the proverbial sand and waited until two months out to think harder about what I wanted the reception space to look like. As in I hadn't decided fully on flower style, linens, signs, etc.
It got to a point where I got all of the important stuff done (venue, photographer, caterer, tent, dress), and I realized that was obviously the stuff I cared the most about so I kind of felt BLAH about everything else for like 6+ months. I literally e-mailed my venue and photographer the DAY we got engaged, found my dress 2 weeks later, and picked a caterer in like February of last year. So from like February until DECEMBER, I didn't really do anything. Then it was 2013, the "wedding year", and we amped up the planning. Transportation, flowers, rentals, signage...who has such a solid idea what they want for that? I certainly didn't.

But now, the flowers are finalized, as is the menu, layout, timeline, etc. There are a few things I'm doing next week when I'm home (taking the week off before the wedding is going the be the BEST THING EVER), but I'm not stressing. I know I have time and lots of eager people who want to help (THANK YOU MOM, SISTER, & AUNTIES!).

I've gotten really good perspective from multiple people: Do I have the dress? YES. Does Connor have his suit? YES. So if the small details like the guestbook or something doesn't turn out just so, does it matter? NO. I'm getting MARRIED to my best friend. We are going to stand in front of our best friends and family and make beautiful promises to each other and be MARRIED! And then we're going on a fabulous vacation because, why the hell not?

I don't think I'll be posting much until after we get back from St. Martin, but I promise to post a few stolen images from our friends in 2 weeks after we say I Do.

Thanks for sticking with me and I'll be back soon as a Mrs.!


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Leslie said...

It's so exciting! You are smart to take off the week before your wedding too, so you can really enjoy this time. :)