Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Accessories

I've got the dress, I'm done with my alterations, so now I've been focusing on the finishing touches. Here's what I already have ready to go:

Lilly Pulitzer: Ginger Wrap Wedge in Gold (purchased last summer at Lilly sale)

(made by me)

Kate Spade (3 pair to choose from, day-of obviously)
"On the Town Chandelier Earrings" These are HUGE and HEAVY but I'm obsessed
"Cluster Studs" These are clear, not pink, and they're so pretty
And of course the classic Gumdrop Stud earrings

I have a vintage one of my grandmother's that I use all the time
This is similar to what I have, mine doesn't have the kisslock function

RueLaLa had a Hanky Panky sale last week and I jumped on it when I realized I needed something that day. For some reason that detail slipped my mind. I scored a 2-pack of black & white underwear. Glad to check that off the list!

Next up is what I need help with! I need a cocktail ring for my right hand. I've been looking all around and haven't found THE RING.

So I looked in my own jewelry collection and came across a ring I rarely wear because it's pretty dressy. Connor gave it to me for my 23rd birthday from Perry's (my favorite antique jewelry store!). It can be my "Something Old" & "Something Blue" (those are sapphires).

What do y'all think? Did you struggle finding the perfect accessories?

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Mindy said...

Oooohhh I LOVE your shoes!! Also, I love the stud earrings the best, very classic!! :)